8 Signs You Are Really, Truly An Adult

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1. Your neighbors listen to loud music at 2 AM. First you ask them to lower the volume politely and then you call the police.

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Well, we have all been to that parties where someone’s parents are away and we just don’t care about neighbor and other people. Most people who have been “there” soon will just try to sleep over the loud noise, but if you are an adult you will 100% asked them to turn the music down and if not you will simply call the police.

2. You clean even the floors’ baseboards.

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When you are old enough you have time for everything. You spend a lot of you spare time at home and this is the main reason for you want everything to be perfectly clean. That’s why you clean not only the baseboards, but everything in detail as well.

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3. Not only are you familiar with the Bill Auto-Pay, but you also use it.

When you are all grown up you have responsibilities and one of them is to pay the bills on time, because other way you will end up with no electricity, internet, cell phone etc.

Bill Auto-Pay is the perfect solution for those who are really busy. You just have to hook up your Credit Card and all the bill will be paid on time.

4. You like your parents even though you know their flaws.

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Most of the teenagers often don’t really understand their parents. This is the main reason for not liking them. When you become old enough you will start understanding when your parents mean in almost all situations and you are going to love them more and more.

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