8 Signs You Are Really, Truly An Adult

5. Your friends’ drunken stories appall you.

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When we are young we really like to talk about our drunken stories. We appall them and we are really proud that we got wasted and don’t remember anything. Well, when we grown up it’s not good when we get wasted and start doing stupid things. We don’t admire them. This is the reason we don’t want to listen to such stories as well.

6. You call your work for a sick leave only when you’re really sick.

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When we are all grown up we want to achieve more and more at work. We can’t afford getting sick, because we will not get bonus or promotion. We have bills to pay and this is the main reason we are motivated to work harder and harder.

7. If you accidently drop something in the toilet, you are aware you have to pick it up yourself and not call somebody else for help.

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The bad part of being an adult is that nobody will do your job. It doesn’t matter if it’s as bad as picking up something from the toilet or not. You just can’t call your parents to come to your house and pick something up. You have to do everything by yourself.

8. You regularly check the oil in your car and change it every 3 or 4 months.

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Well, this one is actually the best one. 95% of the adults use their car to go to work or to work with it. That’s why the car needs to be in good condition. If you forget to change the oil there might be e huge problem like engine fail, which for example will make the car useless. Going to work with taxi can be quite expensive and riding a bus is not very comfy. This is the main reason you need you car in good condition, that’s why you check on the oil and other stuff and change them as nessecarry.

Written by Patrick Bennet

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