Did you know that 80% of Nirvana’s lyrics were written on the night before…


You probably don’t know this fact, but most of Nirvana’s lyrics on their album Bleach were written on the night before the recording took place.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Even if you consider yourself to be the greatest fan of the notorious grunge band Nirvana, you probably didn’t know a fun fact about their album Bleach. The band’s debut studio album was actually about to be only an EP, since that was what their label Sub Pop had wanted. However, they eventually decided to expand it to a full album.

During the recording of the album, which took place between December 1988 and January 1989, Kurt Cobain was extremely angry and negative. Thus, he wrote down the first things that came to his mind in a desperate attempt to express his anger through his lyrics. The contemporary music scene of then-Seattle and the record label liked the idea of having some harsh material, so they just went on with Cobain’s ideas. At that time he was so depressed, angry and negative about everything that he usually just wrote down some lyrics on the nights before the recording the recording sessions that took place at Seattle, Washington, US. Cobain himself later stated that most of the lyrics on Nirvana’s debut studio album were written on the night before the recording. He stated that he felt like writing when he was most pissed off and that he didn’t even regard them that highly.


Regardless of how, why or when the lyrics were written, Nirvana still made a great debut album out of Bleach. The band went on to record 2 EP albums, 3 studio album, and 3 live albums, one of which was released back in 2009 and featured footage from the distant 1992.


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