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9 Lottery Winners Who Felt The Curse Of Being Rich

4. Jeffrey Dampier

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Jeffrey Dampier was the winner of a $20 million payout. He and his wife divorced soon after winning the money, and split it 50/50.

Jeffrey began dating a woman named Crystal Jackson. He moved Crystal to Florida, and her sisters came with. Jeffrey took care of all of them.

One sister, Victoria, invited Jeffrey to her house. When he arrived, she and her boyfriend Nathaniel demanded more than what he was already doing for them. Nathaniel produced a gun and had Victoria tie his hands up. They took thousands of dollars and still weren’t satisfied.

The boyfriend held Jeffrey at gunpoint and took him from the house. Victoria drove the van while Nathaniel began hitting Jeffrey with his weapon, demanding more money.

Eventually, Victoria pulled the van over and was ordered by her boyfriend to shoot him or she would be shot. She killed her sister’s generous boyfriend.

They were caught and are both serving several life sentences for their crimes.

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5. Renné Senna

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Renné Senna was a Brazilian man who wasn’t having the best life. Diabetes had affected his legs and they eventually needed to be amputated, so he had to quit working as a butcher and was forced to hawk items on the side of the road to make any money.

His wife was unhappy by this new, poor life, and left him. She took his kids from him as well.

Way to kick a man while he’s down, right?

In 2005, his luck seemed to be changing when he won over $16 million in the lottery. He began dating a woman 25 years his junior, Adriana Almeida . They had already known each other for a while, but her interest was piqued with his new found wealth.

She married him and that’s where the trouble began. She was put in charge of the estate and soon convinced him to take his 11 siblings out of his will. Of course the new will left half of everything to her.

Because she was on all of his bank accounts, she was able to take from the joint one and add money to hers to the tune of $580,000 and used it to buy a penthouse. He confronted her because he suspected her to be cheating. As you probably guessed, he was correct in his assumption.

Renné told her she would be taken out of his will. A few days had passed when he was headed to his favorite spot for a cold one, and two men showed up on motorcycles and demanded money. They ended up shooting him several times and drove away.

It was determined that Almeida was responsible for his murder and she was given 20 years in prison.

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6. Lee Kost

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Lee Kost was living in retirement when he won a quarter of a million dollars in the lottery and it started causing problems right away. He had his home broken into many times, costing him thousands of dollars and some expensive jewelry.

He soon met a teenager named Porche Sweet. She had dinner with him and agreed to go home with him. Her true intentions were to rob him.

When they got to his house, she made sure the door was unlocked and texted to let her friends know they were there. After arriving, they went to the bedroom and Terrence Maya started to pistol whip Lee. He and the other robbers demanded PIN numbers for credit cards as they searched for cards and cash. They found what they were looking for, then killed Lee Kost.

They left the scene is Lee’s Jaguar and were stopped by police for speeding soon after. Police discovered the pistol, which led to their arrests and they were all convicted. They all got 23 years, except for Maya, who will do life.

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