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9 Lottery Winners Who Felt The Curse Of Being Rich

7. Craigory Burch Jr.

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As soon as Craigory Burch Jr. won a sum of over $430,000 in the lottery, he started having issues. He began getting messages warning him of an impending robbery.

A few months later, Burch’s front door was blown open by a shotgun and several individuals wearing masks entered his home. He was with his family, his two year old in his lap. He pleaded with them to leave, offering his debit card. He removed his pants and tossed them to the robbers but they couldn’t locate his billfold.

They then shot him in both of his legs. They then left, but returned and shot him again.

His girlfriend and children were spared from the shooting, and his girlfriend ran for help. It was too late.

Burch died, and there were seven people charged in his death.

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8. David and Maria Lou Devrell

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David and Maria Devrell won several million in the lottery and couldn’t have been more excited about it. They immediately hired a long time friend, who was also a financial advisor, to manage their new wealth for them.

Peter was given total control via power of attorney over all of their accounts, including bills. He was also to pay himself from their accounts as he saw fit.

He soon grew frustrated with Maria’s spending and went to confront her about it. It got ugly. They eventually got into a shoving match.

Peter went outside, to his vehicle, covered a small rubber hammer in plastic and hit Maria in the head with it a number of times. Next, he smothered her and made it look like the home had been robbed.

Two weeks later, he was arrested for her murder. He told police that they did argue over her spending too much too fast, but it was actually Peter’s fault they had anything to worry about. He had made bad investments and lost nearly one million dollars. Maria had actually questioned his work, causing Peter to panic because he didn’t want to lose his meal ticket in the couple’s money.

He was convicted and sentenced to prison for the murder of Maria Lou.

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9. Bazil Thorne

Bazil Thorne won what would be equivalent to one and a half million these days, back in 1960. This put them on newspapers and in articles, which told all of their business. Names, address, how much money, as well as clear photos.

This garnered unwanted attention, of course. Stephen Bradley took notice and came up with a devious plan to extort their dough. He studied the family so he could pick the perfect moment to abduct the young son of the lottery winner.

Eight year old Graeme waited m the corner for Phyllis Smith, a friend of the family, to take him to school one day, but Bradley beat her there. He tricked the boy into getting into his vehicle, then drove to an abandoned road and drugged the little boy.

The police were called when Phyllis didn’t see Graeme waiting at the corner for her. She went to talk to his mother and they became concerned. While police were there, Bradley called and demanded what would be almost half a million today for the boy’s safe return.

Several hours later, he called instructing that the money be put into two separate bags. He had just realized he accidentally killed the little boy by giving him too much of the drug he was using to keep him sedated.

After a few days of no contact from the kidnapper, police discovered Graeme’s corpse on a deserted piece of land. They were able to trace twigs and mortar from the body to the home of Stephen Bradley, leading to his arrest and eventual life sentence.

These stories make me glad that I’ve never won the lottery. I know each of them would rather have their life or family member back than the money. I think I’ll just remain a little poor with my life and family intact.

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