9 Mysterious Cases Of People Who Disappeared Without A Trace That Remained Unsolved In 2017

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Sad as it may be, people do disappear. At times, people are missing because they’re running away from other people or a bad situation; other times, they’re missing because they’ve been abducted—or worse.

Give or take, close to 100,000 in the United States are missing at any point. Surprisingly, 60 percent of them are actually adults, and about 50 percent of them are male.

Most cases of missing people do end up getting solved in one way or another eventually—either the person is found alive and well or his/her remains are located. However, there are instances where people seem to have simply vanished, and no one knows where they might be. Here are nine examples of people who just seemed to have vanished into thin air, with their whereabouts still unknown.

1. Dail Dinwiddle

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Dail Dinwiddle has been missing for a quarter of a century. Her parents have been in touch with police ever since the woman disappeared, and over a thousand leads have been investigated, but to no avail.

Twenty-three years of age at the time when she disappeared on the 24th of September in 1992, Dinwiddle had attended a concert of the rock band U2 in Columbia, South Carolina. She was one of about a dozen friends who attended the concert. She then met up with many of those friends at a bar called Five Points, and they then went to another bar. Friends noticed that Dinwiddle wasn’t with them at around one in the morning, but they left the bar anyway, assuming Dinwiddle would find a way home on her own. The last person known to have seen Dinwiddle was the bar’s bouncer. At one point, Dinwiddle left the bar and returned, possibly looking for her friends, and that’s when she said farewell to the bouncer.
Dinwiddle was reported missing later that morning by her parents, and the local hunt for the young woman soon went national. However, despite the best efforts of many, there has been absolutely no sign of Dinwiddle. Because of the lack of clues, it seems likely that Dinwiddle was abducted and that the abduction was carefully arranged.

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2. Sky Elijah Metalwala

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Sky Metalwala of Redmond, Washington, was two years old when he disappeared on November 6, 2011. According to his mother, he was ill, so she put Sky as well as his older sister in the car in order to go to the hospital. She allegedly ran out of gas and left Sky in the car while walking to a gas station to get assistance. She took Sky’s sister, who was four, with her. Upon her return, little Sky was gone, and his mother called the police. The small child, who would now be eight years of age, has not been seen since.

Sky’s mother, Julia Biryukova, has never officially been named a suspect in the case of Sky’s disappearance. However, when police investigated Sky’s disappearance, it was noted that her car was working fine and not out of gas. She had been going through a divorce with Sky’s father, Solomon Metalwala, and it was known to be a hostile and bitter divorce.
Biryukova refused to take a lie detector test when questioned, although she did let police search her home, computer, and car. She had also been briefly committed to a mental hospital on more than one occasion, and both of Sky’s parents were once charged with child endangerment for leaving Sky in a parking lot for 2 hours when it was below freezing outside.

All of that said, no one knows where Sky is, or even if he is still alive. His father believes him to be alive, although possibly outside of the United States—at one point he suggested the boy is with his ex-wife’s family in the Ukraine. There is a theory that Sky was never actually in the car from which he allegedly disappeared, as witnesses reported seeing the car at a time in the morning when Sky should have been it, but there were no children present.

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3. Rebecca Pauline Gary

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It has been 29 years since anyone heard from Rebecca Pauline Gary, who moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her daughter Jamie Williams in 1988. That Christmas, Rebecca made the curious decision to send her daughter to stay with her maternal grandmother, who lived in Shreveport. Jamie, who was 12 years of age, wanted her mother to go with her on the trip, but Rebecca refused. Jamie yelled “I hope you die” at her mother just before getting on the bus, and she wouldn’t see her mother again. This occurred on the 18th of December.

Rebecca wasn’t in touch over Christmas, but did phone her sister Joyce on the 27th of December asking to be picked up, as things were not working out for her in Baton Rouge. Instead, the sister phoned Rebecca’s best friend, who just happened to live in Baton Rouge. Rebecca was not picked up, and Jamie was to remain at her grandmother’s with no clue as to what was going on, wondering where her mother was, which is what she is wondering to this day. She would go on to be raised by her grandmother, who is now in her 90’s.

Eventually, in January of 1989, the manager of Rebecca’s apartment let himself into Rebecca’s home. There was no sign of her, and most of her stuff was packed up, but a bath had been run, and there were a couple of cups on the apartment’s bar. On the 20th of January, she was officially reported missing.

Because Rebecca’s apartment was emptied of furniture and other possessions by her brother prior to a proper police investigation, it is possible that critical evidence was inadvertently destroyed. He didn’t really have a choice, however, as the landlords were insisting that it be emptied.

Jamie believes that her mother is still alive. Rebecca would be 61 years of age today, and police are still looking for clues as to what happened to her.

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4. Yohanna Cyr

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Yohanna Cyr was only 18 months of age when she disappeared in mid-August 1978. She disappeared from her apartment, which was located in Montreal. She was left in the care of her mother’s new boyfriend; her mother had gone on a short work trip. When her mother Liliane returned, little Yohanna had disappeared. The boyfriend had several explanations for why the little girl was gone. At one point, he said she accidentally died in the bathtub and he buried her. A woman did allegedly see the boyfriend leaving the apartment with a large metal breadbox on the day the little girl disappeared. This was just reported in 2011.

He also claimed that Yohanna was in Washington, and Liliane travelled there to retrieve her daughter, but Yohanna was nowhere to be found.

The boyfriend was interrogated by police, of course, but had to be released due to a lack of evidence.
To this day, no one knows what happened to Yohanna, or even if she’s still alive. In August of 2016, Liliane was contacted by a woman who believed she might be Yohanna, but that turned out not to be the case.

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5. Stacy Ann Arras

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During a trip to Yosemite National Park, California, Stacy Ann Arras disappeared. This happened over 35 years ago, on the 25th of July, 1981. She was 14 at the time. She and her father, who were on horseback and traveling with other riders, decided to stop at the park’s Sunrise High Sierra Camp. Shortly after arriving at the camp, Stacy decided she wanted to take pictures of a nearby lake. Her father didn’t go with her, but another traveler did. The elderly male traveler, however, decided he needed a rest on the way to the lake, and Stacey continued on without him. That was the last time Stacy was seen.

The elderly man promptly alerted Stacy’s father when she didn’t return from the lake. Only the lens of her camera was recovered after the area was searched. She really did vanish without a trace, and her ultimate fate might forever remain a mystery.

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6. Melanie Melanson

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Melanie Melanson of Woburn, Massachusetts was 14 years old and a freshman in high school when she attended a party comprised of a couple dozen teenagers. This was on October 27, 1989. The party was held in the woods, and she was the youngest attendee. She went with several male friends, and was last seen with two boys she knew. She was reported missing on the afternoon of the 28th.

Both boys gave different stories regarding Melanie, each claiming that he left her with the other boy. One claimed to have seen her at the head of a trail. At one point, investigators into her disappearance believed Melanie, who had run away before, may have fled to Florida, but nothing came of that suspicion. There was a massive search for her using helicopters and cadaver dogs.

Chances are Melanie met her end due to foul play, and investigators believe her remains are somewhere near the site of the party she attended way back in the fall of 1989.

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7. Granger Taylor

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Granger Taylor, of Duncan, Vancouver Island, was last seen at a local diner—at which he was a regular—on November 29, 1980. The 32-year-old was an eccentric man, having built a life-size replica of a spaceship not far from his home; he would sleep in that “flying saucer” at times. While he was indeed eccentric, he was apparently well-liked and considered brilliant by those who knew him.

In a note he left for his parents, Taylor claimed he was leaving home to go on a 42-month voyage to explore the universe. He had apparently talked about the voyage, during which he’d learn about alien technology, to his friends prior to his disappearance. He had apparently been having dreams of the voyage.

In the note to his parents, Taylor claimed he would return after his voyage, but would no longer need any of his possessions. He left behind almost everything he owned, including $10,000.

The night of Taylor’s disappearance, there was a horrible storm in the area, and hurricane force winds were reported. As residents cleaned up the debris caused by the storm, rumors began to circulate that Taylor had disappeared.
No one really knows why Taylor left home that night, although it is probably pretty safe to assume he didn’t end up traveling the universe with aliens. Human remains were found at a blast site near his home in 1986, and the remains were assumed to be those of Taylor, but there is no concrete proof that the bone fragments were his.

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8. Madison Scott

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On the 27th of May in 2011, 20-year-old Madison Scott attended a party with a female friend. She went missing and hasn’t been seen since.

The gathering occurred at Hogsback Lake, which is located near Vanderhoof, British Columbia. The party was reportedly uneventful. Her female friend left with a male partygoer well after midnight on the 28th. Madison was last seen between 2:45 and 3 AM. She was reportedly left by herself to camp near her vehicle, as she didn’t want to head home that night.
After two days, her parents went to search for her; her truck and a flattened tent were found, but there was no sign of Madison, her cellular phone, or her keys. Her purse, however, was in the truck.

What makes this disappearance particularly disturbing is that Madison disappeared not too far from British Columbia Highway 16. In case you’re unfamiliar, the highway is nicknamed “The Highway of Tears” because of a series of disappearances and murders along the highway. There have been at least 19 confirmed victims of the highway.

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9. Tammie McCormick

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In April of 1986, 13-year-old Tammie McCormick of Sarasota Springs, New York was walking to school; she had missed the school bus. She didn’t make it to school, sadly, and hasn’t been seen since.

Thinking that Tammie might be with friends, her mother didn’t report the teenager missing for two days. It was suggested by the girl’s friends that Tammie was considering running away to Florida, but that was never verified in any way.

There has been a person of interest in this case. Arthur Slaybaugh II, who died in 2001, was a corrections officer who probably knew Tammie; after his death, people suggested she may have went to his apartment on the day she disappeared. However, this has not been proven, and a search of the property of one of his relatives didn’t reveal anything. Chances are, we’ll never know what happened to the girl who disappeared over 30 years ago.

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