9 People Who Regret Their Tattoos After Posting Them Online

Мost of the mistakes one admits can be corrected, but there are ones that remain for a lifetime. Nowadays even if you make a bad tattoo it is fixable, but if you post online a picture of your bad tattoo – you will remember it!

Remember: When you post something online, you can never get it back!

1. “Life goes on” – it’s true and everyone says it at least once in lifetime, but why is that apostrophe?

Ma’ny people in’sert un’necessary apostrophe’s when writ’ing. Whos’e blame is? The client or the tatoo artist?

Image Source: TheChive

2. The phrase cotradict the drawing – “Refuse to sink” with an anchor.

Тhe tattoo must be well-designed and selected in advance, because in this case it seems a little paradoxical with this phrase written on the anchor – a buoу might well fit much better.

Image Source: TheChive

3. Tatoos in Arabic language might be beautiful, but don’t believe the artist for the real meaning.

There is something really rotten here – trying to grasp Arabic language by Tumblr. Well, “I’m rotten” – that’s the real meaning.

Image Source: INSTAGRAM

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4. The soul of the song – the bass of course!

Oops! This is a bass clef, not a powerful soul.

Image Source:

5. It’s not good when you want two female symbols and actually get two male.

Well, it doesn’t really matter, does it? Less people know the real meaning of the both symbols, so who cares?

Image Source: IMGUR

6. Don’t always believe what you see in internet, especially when it comes to tatoos.

Here we have another apostrophe in the wrong place. As a friend told you can always cover it with a butterfly or a flower.

Image Source:

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