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30 Hilarious Images Showing Behind The Scenes Moments Of Favorite Movies

Image Source: Instagram

If you are a movie fan like us, then you would love to see all kinds of content related to your favorite movies! In fact, sometimes the curious things related to famous movies are just as interesting and exciting see as the actual final production! The images taken behind the scenes that are listed below are exactly the kind of content that we are talking about here!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 

Image Source: Pinterest

This is definitely a tricky scene to create as it involves a lot of different special effects, and we had no idea how the actors looked while making it!

Image Source: Twitter

This is another behind-the-scenes image showing our all-time favorite, Captain Jack Sparrow, who is one of the best movie characters ever created.

2. The Harry Potter movies

Image Source: Pinterest

It appears that J.K. Rowling wanted to participate in the process of making the movies based on her books, and she did it only for sake of the experience she would get, but she also wanted to inspire the actors!

3. John Lennon

Image Source: Facebook

Not many people are aware of this, but John Lennon was not only a brilliant musician. He was photographed on the set of the ‘I Should Have Known Better’ sequence and he is simply petting a dog, but the photo is still amazing!

4. The Sound of Music

Image Source: Pinterest

Well, this is just about as cute as a photo could get! You can see Julie and Emma photographed between the scenes, and you can literally sense the joy the felt in this precious moment! They look super adorable together.

5. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein 

Image Source: Pinterest

Now this is one super curious photo! You can see the comedy giants Bud Abbott and Lou Costello enjoying some cake during the making of this iconic production. The duo is the absolute classic when it comes to comedy!

6. The Last Jedi

Image Source: Instagram

All Star Wars fans would be delighted to see this image for sure! As you can see, it shows just how intense everything on set is! There are people and equipment everywhere and this is the typical process of making an epic production! There are no easy ways for this to be achieved!

7. This is another photo from the same set

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that the actors really have a lot of fun while filming, and one of the best things about their line of work is that they get to have fun and become famous while getting paid for it. Of course, this is an extremely hard job and it is not for everyone!

8. Here is another look at The Last Jedi set

Image Source: Instagram

True movie fans would always appreciate a peep behind the curtain of their favorite productions! In this case, all Star Wars get to see moments that are really curious! These moments do not ruin the experience of seeing the movie at all!

9. The Empire Strikes Back

Image Source: Instagram

This is one really wholesome photo and we cannot believe the strong positive vibes we get from it! It shows the late Carrie Fischer and Mark Hamill during a break they had while filming The Empire Strikes Back. They look extremely happy to be there and enjoy each other’s company!

10. It

Image Source: Instagram

The Losers Club never looked like losers to us! In fact, we guess that all the characters were carefully designed to be likable by everyone, and this is what happened – everyone liked them, us included. The photo shows all of them, and we really laughed at Finn’s facial expression!

11. Beverly in It

Image Source: Instagram

Sophia Lillis is a gorgeous and extremely talented young actress who had her big break with her role as Beverly in the 2017 movie It. She was only 15 years old at the time but her presence was really notable and she has a bright future ahead of her, no doubt about that!

12. Here is another photo of the cast

Image Source: Instagram

We like seeing all those smiling faces because they speak to us and what they are saying is that the actors had just s much fun starring in the movie as we had seeing it! It is nice to know that a project was an equal pleasure to everyone involved!

13. This is one cute photo from the It set

Image Source: Instagram

This is yet another image taken between the filming of two of the It scenes. It shows one of the most important characters in the movie who also happened to be the youngest actor in the whole production!

14. Ginny in Harry Potter

Image Source: Pinterest

Now this is one goofy photo that would make anyone smile from ear to ear! You can see the young actress Bonnie Wright making a silly face, and we love her for who she is! She created the image of Gin Weasley in the best possible way and we are thankful for that!

15. Harry Potter

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Image Source: Twitter

It is crucial for every professional to be able to let off some steam, because this would help for the perfect end result of their work. As you can see, the actors involved in making the Harry Potter movies knew how to do that, and we like this kind of attitude!

16. This image was also taken at the same set

Image Source: Twitter

The image shows just how complicated making a seemingly simple scene is! In fact, we believe that the most complicated processes of filming result in scenes that appear to be too easy to make, and this paradox is part of  the beauty of the film industry.

17. This is a view of a bigger part of the Harry Potter set

Image Source: Twitter

You can see many of the curious details behind filming a simple scene! The set is literally surrounded in green screens, which is must, because making all the props needed would be impossible, we guess.

18. Game of Thrones

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is something that probably everyone would like! True GoT fans love every piece of content about the show they could see, and this is no exception. Even though many of the people who followed the show since its premiere ere disappointed by its ending, they would still love to see how it was.

19. This image is probably from the earlier episodes 

Image Source: Twitter

The show was made so well that we kept forgetting these were real people and not the real characters, so seeing them like that definitely feels more or less strange. We still like these behind the scenes photos ,of course!

20. Some scenes are really different before they add the effects

Image Source: Twitter

Acting is one thing, but being in an epic scene is a completely different story. This image proves exactly what we mean here! It looks like it is raw material, because it is, and only after the VFX team works their magic, the scene would be worthy of featuring in the episode.

21. This one is too funny

Image Source: Twitter

Seeing the actors with all their makeup and gear on just sitting under the rain with these umbrellas feels kind of surreal and it is funny, too!

22. Now this is some movie set

Image Source: Twitter

We cannot believe this movie was released 35 years ago! Time really flies but some things never get old. and the Ghostbusters movie is among those things. This was one of the most epic scenes and there was not CGI back then for them to use.

23. The late Heath Ledger is our all-time favorite

Image Source: Twitter

The role he made in The Dark Knight is truly a memorable one and he is by far the best actor who has ever impersonated The Joker!

Image Source: Twitter

These curious images of the brilliant actor only make us feel sorry that we were not able to all the great roles he would have played!

24. The Amazing Spider-Man

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is something that we actually never thought we would see! We mean, safety measures are a must, but we did not expect to see this in particular!

Image Source: Twitter

It is actually nice to peek behind the scenes of such a movie, because you can see that it is different from the above-mentioned ones.

25. Here is a goofy photo from the same movie

Image Source: Twitter

This movie is no exception of the rule that all actors actually have fun while working, and images like this confirm that!

26. Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation

Image Source: Instagram

We have always admired Tom Cruise because he is not only a talented actor, but also a brave one – he does most of his stunts himself!

27. The BFG

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one curious comparison image that shows the kind of magic VFX effects can create! The scene looks completely different after it is edited the proper way!

28. Doctor Strange

Image Source: Instagram

This behind-the-scenes image of the making of Doctor Strange does reveal many things about the process, but it is still curious to see!

29. Revolutionary Road

Image Source: Instagram

We refuse to believe that it has been eleven years since this movie was released! It feels like it was yesterday, and seeing Leo is always a pleasure, of course!

30. So this is how it is done

Image Source: Reddit

This is a fairly simple way of creating the effect in this scene, and the gloves are green because they are similar to green screens in this case.

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