A 19-Year-Old Blogger Has Been Arrested After Jokingly Offering Free Sex On Social Media

A 19-year-old Chinese blogger, identified as Miss Ye, was arrested after she told people on social media that she would have sex with them—and she claimed she would do so for free.

According to certain reports, roughly 3,000 people traveled to her hotel—located in the south of China—presumably to take the young woman up on her offer.

The incident allegedly occurred in Haitang Bay, Sanya, which is located in the island province known as Hainan.

According to a statement made by police, Miss Ye was arrested by local law enforcement due to suspicion of prostitution.

Image Source: Asia Wire

The investigation commenced when police started receiving reports from the Double Tree by Hilton hotel.

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The hotel confirmed that Miss Ye checked into the hotel at about three in the afternoon and stayed in a room, but she was forced to check out at before 10 at night because several people were knocking on her door.

The concierge of the hotel also claims that there were numerous phone calls to the hotel; people were making inquiries regarding the identity of the person staying in Miss Ye’s room.

The young woman, who was probably a little scared, replied to her post saying that she had been joking. She implored social media users to stop bothering her at her hotel.

Image Source: Asia Wire

Later, videos would surface online—men filmed themselves searching for Miss Ye.

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Image Source: Asia Wire

The offer, which Miss Ye insists was just a joke, was made using WeChat—which is extremely popular in China as well as in Bhutan, where is happens to be the most popular messaging app. Over one billion people worldwide use it every month.

The hotel at which Miss Ye was staying called the police, but Miss Ye had already checked out by the time law enforcement arrived. The young woman was later found at a different hotel on March 2nd and arrested. She is not only facing prostitution charges, but she has also been charged with disturbing the business practices of the Hilton hotel at which she was staying.

Image Source: Hilton

The young woman was sentenced to 15 days in jail; she was also fined about $80.

You would think that people on social media could recognize that Miss Ye was making a joke, but apparently that wasn’t the case, and as a result she’s now in a bit of trouble.

Prostitution is technically illegal in mainland China, but it definitely still occurs throughout the country. In fact, it is routinely linked to government corruption, as local officials tend to believe that looking the other way—thereby allowing it, more or less—will result in benefits to tourism and the hospitality industry.

There are also reports of violence that is directly related to prostitution in the country; women involved with prostitution frequently end up assaulted or even murdered. Sexually transmitted disease cases also increased when the government stopped enforcing prostitution laws in the way it did prior to the 1980’s.

Potentially even more concerning is the fact that a lot of people who flee North Korea are women who end up in China and become prostitutes against their will. A lot of those women are true victims of human trafficking. South Korean college students have also found themselves victims of human trafficking.

It is believed that—worldwide—over 40 million people work as prostitutes. The majority of them, according to the data available, reside and work in central Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Prostitution, often called the world’s “oldest profession”, is legal and regulated in many countries. For example, in both Germany and the Netherlands, it is considered a profession. There are also countries out there (e.g., Iceland and Norway) where it is legal to sell sex, but not to buy it; in those countries, the prostitute does not get in trouble with the law, but the person trying to hire the prostitute does. In addition, there are the countries where prostitution is perfectly legal, but isn’t at all regulated.

It may be considered an acceptable profession in some countries; however, in other countries, it is actually a crime that is punishable by death.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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