A 20-year-old Nurse Died In Colorado Indoor Park Bungee Accident, But Investigators Say It’s Functioning Properly

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Many people could simply can’t settle for the ordinary, everyday life. There are a lot of adrenaline junkies out there, and we have all watched their amazing stunts, either in person or using the internet. The bravery of these people is admirable, but it is not clear whether they understand the true risks of whatever they are doing to satisfy the daredevil inside them. Possibly, they are just becoming more or less reckless when the adrenaline kicks in.

However, it is not just the adrenaline that matters. People love to challenge themselves, and we do so in order to be better every day, to battle the fears inside ourselves, and to feel free in a whole new way. This is a powerful driving force, and it sometimes becomes like an addiction. The thrill seekers often try to find new ways to have fun, because the old ones eventually become boring.

With a new kind of risk comes new challenges and new threats, and this could be a problem; the type of experience a person has can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, and the risks are even bigger if the challenge is a completely new thing for the person who is daring enough to take it.

Apparently, someone thought that it would be super cool to perform a bungee jump inside of a grain silo. Honestly, it does not sound like a terribly fun thing to do, but maybe that’s just us. The idea became a fact and was seemingly executed well, until disaster struck, as you are about to read below.

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A 20-year old woman from Colorado decided to try for herself what it feels like to jump inside a building. She made her attempt 11 days ago; sadly, it was an unsuccessful one. Ciara Romero tragically died while jumping with a 70-foor rope inside the Silo Trampoline Park, which is a recreation park within the limits of Grand Junction.

The Department of Labor and Employment took the device she used and tested it, and the department also kept in constant connection with the producer of the device—Head Rush. After not finding anything wrong with it, the agency employees say that they will search for other reasons, since fault does not belong with the bungee device.

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After the testing ended, Head Rush decided that they should come up with a statement about the case, saying that the thorough inspection of the particular device included a broad weight range as well as loading the device with a force that equals the tension created during a real free fall. The inspection has clearly showed that all the mechanisms on the device were practically intact and were functioning properly. There apparently was no damage to the device whatsoever. Cher Haavind, the spokesperson for the Department of Labor and Employment in Colorado, added that the investigation of Romero’s death will continue. She also said that they will thoroughly check all the statements of the witnesses, adding that the cooperation between the department and the local police will continue going forward.
Haavind continued by saying that they consider all possible reasons for—and causes of—the accident. The case is not similar to anything else that has transpired, and a situation with such circumstances is a very rare one. For those reasons, the investigation will probably take quite a long time.

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The platform manufacturer Get Air also decided to make a statement about the case on Monday. They stated that they are truly sorry for what happened and that they would like to express their condolences to all family members and friends of Romero. They also thanked everyone who helped her and her family, making note of the fast response, support, and assistance. Get Air also declared that they are in full cooperation with all of the State of Colorado institutions involved in the investigation, as well as with the Police Department in Grand Junction. They concluded their statement by saying that they will comment again after the investigation is over.

Setting up the bungee jump required a few different companies working together in order to provide the equipment needed. The above mentioned Head Rush Technologies produced the free fall device called the QUICKjump XL. Get Air converted the silo into a suitable location for the activities, and the Colorado-based company Bonsai Design created the whole setup and design of the attraction.

Statistics show that bungee jumping is actually among the safest sport-related activities in which a person can get involved. Research suggests that the chances of a person getting killed while bungee jumping is one in 500,000.
On the other hand, the least safe adrenaline-related activity is the Grand Prix type of automobile racing, where the chances you might get killed are one in just 100. Even skydiving, which is closer to bungee jumping, is many times riskier, with a 1 in 102 chance of dying.

Bottom line, when you seek a thrill, you absolutely must keep the risk you are taking in mind; having done that, you should simply hope for the best experience of your life!

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