A 70-Year-Old Looks 30.She Claims Credits Go To Home-Grown Vegetable And Rainwater.

Saying that Anette Larkins from Miami-Dade County, Florida looks younger that she actually is would be an understatement. The 70-year-old is often mistaken for her husband’s, whom she’s been with for 54 years, daughter when they go out together. Anette first became a vegetarian back in the 1960s when her husband used to own a meat factory, later she turned vegan and soon after that started eating only raw food that she had personally grown. She has everything in her garden : all kinds of vegetables, fruit, nuts and spices. Anette also collects rain water for drinking and watering her plants. The septuagenarian who never eats any processed food is full of energy and not only grows her own food but makes her own clothes as well. Anette says she always wakes up at 5.30 am, full of life and ready to start her busy day.

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Mr Larkins, Anette’s husband regrets he didn’t start following his wife’s diet years ago. No he suffers diabetes and high blood pressure which he needs to take medicine for. His wife, who doesn’t even take an aspirin, has written a book about her nutritional regime called ‘Journey to Health’.

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