A 9-year-old Girl Leaves Over $1 million For Charity After Her Tragic Death

Rachel Beckwith, 9, from Bellevue had a cause : she wanted to raise $300 by her ninth birthday and donate it to a campaign aiming to supply clean drinking water to African people. Sadly, the girl died after a car accident and couldn’t raise the money. She needed just another $80 to reach her goal.
However, when the story was spread by local media, people around the world were inspired by the little girl’s birthday wish and, saddened by the great tragedy, they started sending money for the cause. As a result, now the fundraising campaign has gather over $1 million.

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The management of the non-profit charity organization, that works to supply clean drinking water to poor African villages, claims that this has been the largest campaign in their history and they are truly impressed by the efforts of Rachel and all the people inspired by her big heart. Her legacy, amounting more than $1 million, will be spent for the campaign and Rachel’s dream will be fulfilled.

Written by Sylvia

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