A Billionaire Chuck Feeney Gave Most Of His Money Away And You Never…

It was reported that the billionaire Chuck Feeney gave away more than 99% of his $6.3 billion. The money is set to help underprivileged children so they can go to college.

billionaire chuck feeney

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The 81-year-old Chuck Feeney is being described as “the James Bond of philanthropy”. Feeney has circled the world helping people all over the globe. “Atlantic Philanthropies”, his foundation, has given $6.2 billion to health care, science, education and civil rights to many countries including Ireland, USA, Vietnam and a few in Africa.

He’s now worth approximately $2 million, but by the looks of it, he won’t be enjoying the money much longer. In 2016 “Atlantic Philanthropies” will spend another $1.3 billion and by 2020 the foundation will be shuttered.

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