A Boy Clings To His Mother’s Car While She Drives Off To Punish Him

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The actions of a mother have gone viral on the internet, and the internet is not very pleased with how she chose to “punish” her son.

Video footage shows the mother forcing her unidentified young son to cling to the back of her car after she drives away. The troubled woman refused to let the boy into the vehicle as she left a park.

The video, which has been called shocking, captured the truly unfortunate moment.

The clip was filmed by a witness in Zhudong Township, which is located in northwestern Taiwan. It shows the boy desperate to get in the car. There is a troubling back and forth, but he is chased away.

The boy can be heard wailing that he won’t “do it again”, adding that he “really, really won’t”.

Image Source: AsiaWire

The mother will not let the boy into the car, though, and she threatens to drive off. He ends up climbing onto the back of the car.

When he raps the boot of the car, the mother attempts to chase him off with an umbrella. When she climbs into the driver’s seat of the vehicle, the boy tries once more to return to the car. That’s when his mother flings the aforementioned umbrella at him.

Image Source: AsiaWire

The clip, which is almost three minutes long, ends with the son clinging to the boot of the car. His mother slowly drives off, but then the chase begins again.

According to Zhudong Township law enforcement, the woman had brought her little boy and his siblings to the park to play, but the play time had to end a bit early because it started raining and she needed to bring in the family laundry.
The little boy, however, did not want to go home. He wanted to keep playing. As a result, his mother instructed him to stay at the park on his own.

Image Source: AsiaWire

The local department of social welfare has promised to look into the incident so as to determine whether or not there was wrongdoing on the part of the mother.

Speaking of unusual parenting methods, we recently reported on a controversial incident in which a father named Bryan Thornhill made his son run a mile to school in the rain. He was punishing the boy, who is 10 years old, for bullying classmates on a school bus.


Bryan made a four-minute video about the whole situation using Facebook live—in which he explained that his son had been banned from his school bus for three days because he was being a “little bully”. Brian said that was something he does not tolerate and “cannot stand”.

As a result, Bryan said, his son had to run to school; the school is about a mile away from where they live.

Image Source: Facebook

The father, who is from the United States, claimed that what he made his child do is called “parenting”.

Apparently, that parenting technique of his worked—at least according to the father. He stated that his son’s attitude genuinely improved; in addition, even his teachers noticed a shift in the 10-year-old’s attitude. His son apparently did not get in trouble at school during the week that he was forced to run to school.

Bryan instructed people to share his video so that it would end up going viral; he believes that the responses he received are approval for the way he parents his child.

There were people who did not agree with Bryan’s parenting methods; many called Bryan’s actions towards his son harsh. He has even been accused of embarrassing his own son in order to get attention on social media.

Regardless of what one thinks about the methods employed by Bryan, we all need to be constantly reminded that bullying is a very serious problem in many areas of the world, including the United Kingdom and the United States.

For example, bullying causes the suicides of between 15 and 25 children in the United Kingdom every single year.

Fortunately, there are many organizations that exist to help children and teenagers who might be victimized by bullying of any sort. For example, readers in the United States can visit


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