A Bride-To-Be And Her Hen Party Were Killed After Their Plane Crashed

Image Source: Mina Basaran/Instagram

A young woman who was supposed to become a bride soon—and some of her closest friends, who attended her hen party—lost their lives on Sunday when their private plane crash-landed.

The women were flying home from Dubai, where the future wife’s bachelorette party took place. The flight was from Sharjah to Istanbul.

28-year-old Mina Basaran was celebrating her upcoming marriage to Murat Gezer, but on the way home the plane was suddenly engulfed in flames and crashed in the Zagros mountain range—a remote area in the southern part of Iran.

On Monday (12th of March) the authorities confirmed that all eleven people on board – passengers and crew members—were killed in the crash.

The day prior to the accident, Miss Basaran shared a photo from the hen party celebration, picturing her and her bridesmaids. The bride-to-be was dressed in white gown, and her seven bridesmaids wore matching pink outfits.

The Turkish businesswoman was pictured inside the plane as well—she was holding a string of balloons shaped as love hearts.

Reportedly, Miss Basaran and seven of her closest friends spent a few days in the United Arab Emirates to celebrate her upcoming wedding.

A couple of days prior, the young woman shared another photo, picturing her in front of the plane, which was owned by her father Huseyin Basaran’s company—Basaran Investment Holding.

Image Source: Mina Basaran/Instagram

The photo showed Miss Basaran wearing a denim jacket with the words “Mrs. Bride” and “Better Together’ embroidered on the back. She was also holding a beautiful flower bouquet in her right hand.

Reports said that the private plane took off at 17:16 local time (13:16 GMT) and vanished from the radar screen at 15:30 GMT.

All of the eight passengers on board have been identified; six of them were Turkish nationals, and two were Spanish nationals. The reports about the accident did not specify the nationality of the crew members; all that is known is that they were all female.

Image Source: Mina Basaran/Instagram

Mojtaba Khaledi, a spokesman for the emergency management organization of Iran, stated that villagers living in the area found the wreckage site after the plane went down because of the severe weather conditions; some reports even suggest that the crash was caused by heavy rain.

Two helicopters were ready to be sent to the area on Monday morning in search of the debris and the bodies of the victims. The plane crashed in Helen’s Mountain, a relatively isolated area and also a protected region in the Zagros mountain range.

Khaledi said that all they found was burned bodies and debris; nobody survived the crash. He added that DNA tests would be required in order for the victims to be formerly identified. There were no indications of survivors as the plane allegedly burst into flames. A witness claimed that the aircraft was on fire before it crash-landed about 230 miles away from Tehran.


Iranian news reports stated that the plane was a Bombardier, manufactured in Canada.

The Tasnim news agency reported that officials confirmed about the pilot asking for permission to lower the flight altitude because of a fire on board; immediately after, the aircraft vanished from the radar screen.

Kerem Kinik, head of the Turkish Red Crescent, posted on Twitter about the accident and confirmed that the plane wreckage and the bodies have been found and they will be carried down from the mountain after sunrise.

He expressed his condolences to those who lost their closest people in this fatal accident.

The Sharjah Civil Aviation Department stated that the private plane did not apply for any maintenance procedures while it was at the Sharjah Airport.

Image Source: Mina Basaran/Instagram

All the victims on board this flight were female, including the two pilots and the crew member.

The investigation and the rescue missions are active at the moment, and the bodies have been recovered. The initial reason for the accident is still unknown and will be announced as soon as the enquiry is concluded.

Less than a month ago, a passenger plane flying from Tehran to Yasuj with 66 people on board also crashed in the Zagros Mountains. There were no survivors.


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