A bunch of 5th graders were suspended, because they were taking part in gang activity

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A bunch of 5th grade school kids were suspended, because they were allegedly taking part in a gang activity.

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If you thought your child was behaving badly, just take a look at these 5th graders, which got suspended from their school, because they were allegedly taking part in a gang activity!
The school kids, who were all boys, made headlines earlier this May, shortly after the media learned about their actions. The four 5th graders, who were aged 10 and 11, weren’t caught in action, but their behavior was reported to the school’s officials. The kids go to the Maconaquah Elementary School, which is located in a small town in Indiana, US, named Bunker Hill. The town’s population in 2010 was estimated to consist of only 888 people.

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The four boys in question had allegedly formed their own “gang” and one of their classmates apparently wanted to join their group. Instead of just saying “No” to the kid, the boys started bragging how they had their own gang and how he couldn’t join it. In fact, one of the 5th graders even stated that the gang had its own symbol and showed it to the unwanted kid. The symbol turned out to be a carving on the boy’s skin. The school’s officials believe the boys came up with the symbol and the kid engraved it into his skin using the tiny blade of an average pencil sharpener. The 5th graders’ actions worried the officials so much that they decided to suspend them. Furthermore, they may even face worse consequences, like being expelled for example.

One of the school’s officials spoke to the media about the case and stated that some of the kids have a hard time fitting in. Nevertheless, the was explicit that this is most definitely not the way to tell another kid that you don’t want to play with him/her.

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