A Canadian Guy Made A Snow Car So Real That Police Tried To Give It A Ticket

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Lately, police have a bad reputation amongst many. They’re often considered a humorless group, just looking for someone to arrest or harass.

That may be the case in certain cities and countries, but certain Montreal police officers—known as Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal—apparently have a darn good sense of humor.

Our story begins when a 33-year-old Montreal resident named Simon Laprise decided to make a full-sized car out of the foot of snow dumped in a snow removal zone outside of his home. Apparently, he tried to make it look like the DeLorean from the Back to the Future films. To his credit, he did a pretty impressive job.

Apparently police also thought Laprise did an excellent job. It caught the attention of one patrolling officer, who actually called for another patrol car to check out the “snow-covered” car.

Image Source: L.S.D Laprise Simon Designs

From a distance, it really does look like a snow-covered car. When you get close, you can see that the curves and edges of the “vehicle” are a bit off. Still, I’d be fooled at a distance, as would almost anyone.
Laprise, a machinist as well as a true artist, found a windshield wiper across the street and put it on the “DeLorean” for added effect. No wonder the police officers were fooled!

Anyway, had the car been real, the owner would have gotten a fine, as it would have been illegally parked; one officer was about to fine the owner before realizing that there was no car there at all. Realizing they had been pranked—although not in a malicious way—the police officers left a fake ticket on the “windshield”, telling the creator that he had made their night. They also added several smiley-face emoticons. Clearly, those police officers have decent senses of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously, both of which are good things.

Image Source: L.S.D Laprise Simon Designs

Unfortunately, Laprise’s creation was destroyed by sanitation workers the day after this all happened. People need to park and people need to drive, I suppose, or maybe snow removal workers just don’t have very good senses of humor. Fortunately, we still have the pictures of Laprise’s very cool creation.

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It is definitely worth nothing that Laprise had no intention of doing any harm or making police officers look foolish via his prank. To him, snow is just a “great free material” with which to sculpt. He saw the mountain of snow, and instead of letting it go to waste, he decided to do something fun with it.

Image Source: L.S.D Laprise Simon Designs

Apparently, the DeLorean wasn’t his first car made from snow, it was just the first one located in a place where it might get ticketed on snow removal day. He was really just trying to make a little joke for the snow removal guys. It took him hours to craft the car, which Laprise later joked was towed to the “snow depot”.

Laprise didn’t expect news of his stunt to go viral. Apparently hundreds of people stopped to take their picture with the snow car after the pictures began to circulate.

Laprise left his creation behind hoping that the snow removal crew would have a good laugh, expecting to never see it again. While he didn’t see it again in person, he was shocked to see pictures of his creation being examined by befuddled police officers circulating online.

Montreal is well known for getting a lot of snow, and this winter has proved to be no exception. As mentioned, Laprise made his DeLorean out of over a foot of the white stuff. Fortunately, the city has a very good snow-removal process in place to clear snow from the streets after a major snowfall. Roads need to be clear of parked cars for it to function properly. Apparently this also requires fake cars made from snow to be off the roads, which is why Laprise’s creation is no longer.

At least he gave the police officers something to talk about and have a laugh over during their patrols, and the snow DeLorean will be preserved indefinitely via the internet.

Laprise likes to do creative things during his free time, and he typically does so using the name Laprise Simon Designs.

You have to give Laprise credit. A lot of us are getting pretty sick of this winter at this point and are just waiting for spring to roll around and bring us warm weather. Laprise, however, was clever enough to make the best of a bad situation and give us all a reason to laugh in the process of doing so.

We don’t know what’s next for Laprise, but one this is certain: if his career as a machinist doesn’t work out for him, Laprise may have a promising career ahead of him as a snow sculptor. There are actually snow and ice sculpting competitions held all over the world. Considering he’s talented enough to fool two police officers—albeit only temporarily—he may want to consider entering one. I for one would absolutely love to see more of the talented artist’s work.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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