A Chemical In McDonald’s Fries Cures Baldness, Scientists Claim

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According to new research, there is a chemical found in McDonald’s fries (or chips, depending on where you live) that has the potential to cure baldness.

According to scientists in Japan, there is a chemical used to cook the fast food fries that has helped cure baldness in mice; naturally, the hope is that a similar effect might be seen in human beings.

The chemical is called dimethylpolysiloxane, and it is added to the oil used to cook fries; using the chemical, researchers have been able to produce the sort of follicles needed to “sprout” human hair.

The chemical is found in silicone, which is added to fries (chips!) in order to prevent the bubbling and splitting of the oil used to cook them.

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Scientists claim that the cells cultured in the chemical actually grew 5,000 hair follicle germs, and that occurred simultaneously. Those follicle were then transplanted on to bald mice, and within days those mice started to “sprout fur”.

The preliminary tests, so say the scientists, actually suggest that the aforementioned technique could be used on human beings. According to those scientists, the chemical effectively encourage hair growth because of how easily oxygen passes through it.

A Professor at Yokohama National University said that the “integrity” of the oxygen supply during tests was critical to the generation of hair shafts. Therefore, scientists are hoping that the discovery will eventually be used to treat and cure hair loss diseases.

The professor—Junki Fukuda—called the “simple method” both “promising” and “robust”. The professor hopes that it will one day be able to be used to treat conditions like alopecia.

Hair loss might seem like a relatively unimportant problem; however, hair loss treatment just happens to be a billion-dollar industry. In fact, it was expected to earn 3.6 billion dollars in 2016.

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There are also a lot of myths out there about hair loss. For example, it is widely believed that hair loss has to do with a person’s maternal genes. Genetics do certainly play a factor. However, the fact of the matter is that hair loss issues may be the result of genes passed down from both parents. If you are a guy and you are going bald, there’s a very good chance your father is partially to blame.
There’s another myth out there that washing one’s hair with cold water will prevent baldness. This is not the case. While washing your hair with cold water may in fact increase circulation, doing so will not actually prevent baldness.

Yet another myth suggests that using hair gel, waxes, and other products may contribute to baldness. They do not do so.

Also, in case you are one of those guys who enjoys wearing a hat, please know that doing so will not contribute to your going bald. Hair follicles get oxygen from your blood—they do not actually need to “breathe”.

It should definitely be pointed out that regularly brushing one’s hair does not actually prevent baldness. It might help with circulation, but it will not prevent one from going bald.

Neither shampoo, nor sunlight, impact hair follicles in a way that might cause baldness in men.
Hair loss really is not a laughing matter, as there are a variety of reasons why people lose their hair—and not all of those reasons are benign.

For example, stress can absolutely cause one to lose his or her hair. The life cycle of hair can be shocked by stress. The good news is that the hair will most likely start to grow back once the source of stress is gone and the body begins to recover. The sorts of trauma that can cause stress-related hair loss include a car accident or even the flu.

Emotional stress—not just physical stress—can cause hair loss.

Even pregnancy can cause hair loss, as being pregnant is definitely a stress on the body. Interestingly, hair loss related to pregnancy is actually more common after the baby is born. As one doctor put it, child birth is “traumatic”, which is probably a massive understatement.

The good news is that hair will almost always grow back within a couple of months.

A lack of protein can cause hair loss, as can too much vitamin A. Female hormones can also contribute to hair loss. In regard to the female hormones, the cause of the hair loss is generally switching birth control pills—or going off of them. If stopping oral birth control causes hair loss, the problem is typically a temporary one.

There are many other possible causes of hair loss, such as anemia, weight loss, chemotherapy, blood thinners, and autoimmune issues.

If you are losing your hair, it may be a benign (albeit unfortunate) occurrence; do consider the slight possibility that there is something wrong with you, however, and consult a medical professional.

Also: let’s hope the scientists are right and McDonald’s has had the cure for baldness all along without even knowing it!

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