Did you know that A couple bought a box for $10. Inside, they found a 25 cents bill signed by…


A couple from Austin, Texas, bought a box of old textbooks for $10 and they found inside a piece of treasure, which was worth $63,000.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

You might find this hard to believe, but a few years ago a Texas couple got the shock of their lives when they discovered that a piece of paper worth $63,000 was hidden inside a plain box they initially bought for $10.

Bill Farnsworth and his wife Cindy went to an auction in Texas in late 2010 and they bought some old boxes, which contained old textbooks. The couple paid only $10 for them, oblivious to what was really hiding inside one of the boxes. Cindy was going through the textbooks when she saw an old banknote worth 25 cents. She realized that it wasn’t just any ordinary old note and immediately showed it to her husband. Bill inspected the thin sheet of paper and saw the shocking details, which indicated that he and his wife had stumbled upon a real treasure. As it turned out, the box, which was worth less than $10 contained a banknote dating back to the Republic of Texas. The note dated from May 1843 and was signed by Sam Houston himself – the famous President of the Republic of Texas. Most banknotes from that time were redeemed during the 1840s, but this particular note didn’t have absolutely any signs of cancellation on it. In other words – it was never redeemed!


The Texas couple realized that the finding was worth much more than just $10. They put up the banknote on an auction and expected it to be sold for around $50,000. It was actually bought for $63,000 by some anonymous Texas collector in January 2011.


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