A Doctor Followed A Bloody Footprint Trail At The Mall In Luton And Saved 2 Stabbed Teens

Image Source: Dr. Yasin Fatine

Doctors save lives. That’s just what they do. While we might complain about the cost of an appointment with a specialist or the time it takes to get the aforementioned appointment that will leave us broke, I think we can all acknowledge that doctors are sort of vital to society. In the autumn, I was so sick that I willingly went to a doctor, and that probably saved my life. Thank heaven for antibiotics, right?

Dr. Yasin Fantine just saved a life or two, and he did so in a way one does not ordinarily expect from a physician. He was at the Mall in Luton and figured something was up, as most of us probably would, when he saw a police officer run out of a fast food restaurant. He didn’t think much of that, but then he noticed a long, bloody footprint trail. At that point, he realized the situation was kind of serious.

Image Source: Dr. Yasin Fatine

Instead of running in the opposite direction, which is totally what I would have done, the doctor actually followed the bloody footprints for over 300 feet. Dr. Fatine is only 29 years old, by the way.

So the good doctor followed the bloody footprints, and those footprints led him to a bunch of shoppers who were gathered around several police officers. People were gathered because there were two teenagers on the ground and bleeding.

Dr. Fatine put it this way: “blood was everywhere”. One of the teenaged boys was bleeding from above his right knee, and the other was bleeding from the forearm.

Image Source: Dr. Yasin Fatine

The doctor wasn’t terribly concerned about the teenager who was bleeding from the arm; the wound was being managed and the boy was sitting up. The other boy wasn’t doing so well, however, according to the doctor. He was still losing blood as a result of his leg injury, and he was starting to become delirious and grow pale. The bandages applied by police officers to the wound weren’t stopping the flow of the stabbing victim’s blood, so the doctor used a belt to stop the bleeding by wrapping it around the boy’s leg.

The doctor checked to make sure the boy wasn’t stabbed elsewhere on his body. Paramedics then arrived, and the doctor left the teenagers in their care. The 17-year-old boys ended up being taken to the hospital and treated. Their injuries were serious, but not life threatening.

Image Source: Dr. Yasin Fatine

One of the teenagers has been charged with violent disorder, and the other is currently in the hospital and in police custody.

Dr. Fatine was kind enough to visit the boy who suffered from the arm injury while he recovered in the hospital.
The doctor said that he is glad the young men were doing well, adding that things could have gone wrong very quickly. He also said people need to be aware of the consequences of their actions, which is good advice for us all.

It is especially good advice to any teenagers out who are reading this and considering eating one of those Tide laundry detergent pods. You do realize that those videos you make will be on the internet forever, right? Instead of eating poison, you should study hard and go to medical school so you can save lives—like Dr. Fatine!

A police detective spoke out about the incident at the mall, saying that it was disturbing and had an impact on those shopping at the mall at the time. According to him, police do not believe it was a “random attack”, and law enforcement is obviously committed to bringing those responsible to justice. Bedfordshire police would very much appreciate those with information on what transpired to get in touch.

We have no idea what Dr. Fatine does while not practicing medicine and randomly saving the lives of teenagers who have been stabbed, but I’d be willing to bet he has cool hobbies. I for one am just glad there are men and women like him out there—you know, in case I ever go the mall and get stabbed.

You might think I was making a joke, but I’m not. As we know, malls can be very dangerous places. If you’ll recall, in September of 2016, there was a mass stabbing at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Ten people were injured, and three people ended up in the hospital. The hero of that story was Jason Falconer, a part-time police officer and firearms instructor. He ended up having the shoot the perpetrator multiple times. ISIL claimed responsibility for that attack.

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