A French Designer Creates Stunning One-Of-A-Kind Dresses That Will Leave You Speechless

Sylvie Facon

When it comes to the fashion world, you might think that there is hardly anything left that could surprise you. The extravagant and sometimes utterly bizarre ideas of the top fashion designers often leave everyone in awe. But it looks like there are still new ideas out there in regard to clothing—they are really more comparable to works of art.

A fine example of something you have never seen before in fashion is the mind-blowing work of the designer Sylvie Facon.

There is no catwalk in the world that wouldn’t melt under the glamour of her work.

The French designer crafts her dresses using marvelous fabrics and a meticulous attention to detail that turn them into items straight out of a fairytale.

Facon even managed to sew a dress together from the covers and spines of old books. She worked on that particular dress alongside costume designer Morgane E. Grosdemange, and the finished product is a true masterpiece, fully revealing Facon’s incredibly versatile craftsmanship. Below, you can see some of her work and enjoy the magical appearance that every dress brings.

1. A Dress Created Using Book Spines And Covers

Image Source: Sylviefacon
Image Source: Sylviefacon

This absolutely gorgeous dress is not just clothing—it is the triumph of a true artist and craftsman. The carefully added lace and all the little details need some time to be fully comprehended. The end result looks strikingly elegant considering the materials used to create it, and the vintage look of the dress is straight on point.

2. An “Old Town” Painted Dress With Lace Decorations

Image Source: Sylviefacon
Image Source: Sylviefacon

This dress is all about the fine lace and the exquisite painting on it. There are so many ornaments and additions to it that you actually have to take your time and carefully study it. Some parts of the dress remind one of fine sculptures. The different kinds of lace used here are blended perfectly; despite the fact that there are a lot of details, nothing looks out of place, so the initial design proves to be flawless.

3. The Violin Dress

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Image Source: Sylviefacon

Another astonishing design by Sylvie Facon is this Violin Dress, which is one-of-a-kind—just like the rest. The motive of the violin is embedded perfectly, and the additional colors match the main theme. The dress definitely looks very different than anything you could find elsewhere, and that was one the intended effects.

4. The Floral Motives Dresses

Image Source: Pauline Franque
Image Source: Sylvie Facon

A series of unique dresses by Facon feature a lot of mesmerizing floral motives. The delicate flowers and pattern correspond perfectly in every piece, and each dress looks almost organic; in fact, these dresses are probably among the hardest to create because of all the different details and final touches that need to be placed in perfect harmony.

5. The Knight Dress

Image Source: Sylvie Facon
Image Source: Sylvie Facon

The Knight dress is actually an interpretation created by Facon after she was inspired by an illustration created by Didier Graffet. The end result is simply magical, and you can see the effort that she put into crafting this work of art.

Written by Nick Martin

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