A Girl Died After She Put Off Getting Her Ear Infection Treated, Because She Couldn’t Afford It

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A 20-year-old student at Bournemouth University was found dead.

Victoria Hills allegedly asked friends for painkillers and then decided to get an early night. She would die in her bed.

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She was a music and sound production student at the university. It has been claimed that she wanted to see her campus GP, but she put off doing so because she could not afford a prescription as a result of the fact that her student loan had not come through.

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She apparently was not found until days had passed since her death. Her housemates were not around, as they had gone home for the weekend.

While there is no official cause of death yet, the family claims that they were told Victoria died as a result of sepsis.

Tracey Hills, the young woman’s mother, hopes that students who might have infections will not put off seeking medical attention—regardless of how minor the ailment may seem to be.

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Tracey, who is 52, described her daughter as full of life. For 11 years, she had been in her church choir, and she would always play in her school concerts. Music, her mother said, was everything to the young woman.

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According to Tracey, her daughter started getting colds once she moved to the university. She would always end up sick, and that went on for her first term. At one point, Tracey said, Victoria thought she had an ear infection—but she did not seek medical attention because she could not afford whatever prescription she might have needed as a result.

Tracey said that Victoria would message her on Facebook, and Victoria thought she might have the flu and wasn’t feeling well.

The last communication between the two was on the 31st of January; Victoria told her mom that she was going to take painkillers and then try to eat and sleep.

Victoria—who grew up in Chichester, West Sussex—then sent her mother a GIF of a “virtual hug”, which was responded to with a heart.

The young woman, who always had an interest in music, sang for 11 years in the choir of St. George’s Church. In addition to singing, she enjoyed playing the saxophone.

Image Source: Triangle News

She had a part-time job at a Pizza Hut. Her mother describes her as an exceptional and “caring” person.

It is believed that Victoria died early on the 4th of February, but was not discovered until the 8th. Security had to break into her room.

Tracey has said that, from the time Victoria was an infant, it was always just the two of them; she added that she has no idea how to get through the loss of her daughter—or even if she can. She says she is still in shock and hoping it somehow isn’t true.

Victoria will be buried in red, her favorite color, as well as a pair of black boots that her mother says she liked to wear.

The chief executive of the Sepsis Trust said that Victoria’s story should remind us of sepsis’ devastating cost.
According to the executive, individuals and their families have their lives torn apart every day because of the condition. Awareness, however, could save thousands of lives.

A Dorset Police spokeswoman stated that the police were called at 12:20 AM on the 6th of February 2018 due to reports of the sudden death of a 20-year-old woman. Officers do not believe there were any suspicious circumstances in regard to the death of the young woman.

Sepsis, which was likely Victoria’s cause of death, is definitely a life-threatening condition. It occurs when the body responds to an infection in such a way that it injures its own organs and tissues. There is an immune response to the infection. There have been estimates that it may impact millions of people every year; it is also considered one of the leading causes of avoidable death.

It can be a difficult condition to diagnose, as it can be mistaken for a flu, upset stomach, or cold. Therefore, sepsis may be misdiagnosed, and a delay in treatment can result in rapid deterioration.

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