Did you know that a girl met stranger lookalike that look exactly like her after…


Even if you’re a twin, there’s a good chance that despite being conceived together, you won’t be identical. So, the odds of finding someone else in the world that could be your identical twin would seem pretty unlikely. Especially with individual genes…

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Well, in March, a Facebook campaign was started by three friends, called ‘Twin Strangers’, to try and find someone who looks as similar as possible.

These friends from Dublin University bet each other to see who could find someone who looked most like them in 28 days. This was posted on all major social media networks, and was even featured on a news channel in the US, which prompted these students to receive masses of photos from people who thought were good matches!

It took only 2 weeks for Niamh to find someone who looks almost identical to her. Her first potential match being Karen.

I found Karen through the power of social media and this weekend we met up in real life!


This has sparked many others to also look for their stranger twin! Sophie, then also found her stranger twin in Birmingham. Whilst the first were from the same country, it was hoped that more stranger twins would be revealed around the world, which would just show how diverse, but also connected the world can be.

It would be great if they were in Hawaii or something…we could go over and meet them and have a cup of tea.

Finding your doppelganger isn’t easy, but this group of students have set up a Facebook page where you can specifically go over and post about looking for him or her! Personally, I’d be a bit unnerved if I found out there was some guy in America who looked identical to me – I wonder how many people could get away with using each other’s passports… From the pictures we’ve seen of Niamh, if I were border control, I wouldn’t tell them apart…


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