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Meet the teenager, who has been dubbed as “Rubber Boy” for being one of the most flexible men on our planet!
At the fragile age of 15, this guy is already famous. His talent, however, is a bit different from the first things that come to your mind. He’s not an actor, a singer or some child prodigy at science, math or music. He’s just a normal teenager, who has one special skill – he’s extremely bendy.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Meet Jaspreet Singh Kalra or just simply “Rubber Boy” – probably the most flexible guy on Earth. What can this bendy teenager do? It’s pretty simple, yet extremely fascinating – he can rotate his head in 180 degrees so that he can watch you from his back. He can also rest his feet on his shoulders – backwards, too. The 15 year old teen’s flexibility allows him to bend his whole body backwards so that the soles of his feet would reach his shoulders. And if that doesn’t sounds shocking enough, just imagine him with his head rotated in 180 degrees. He can also twist his body in unbelievable proportions – from his torso and his neck to his arms and hands. Rubber Boy’s body is so bendy that he can twist it in such a way that his upper and lower halves are actually facing completely opposite directions!
The flexible teenager’s real life role model is Daniel Browning Smith – the contortionist, who’s the current record holder of the title most flexible person on the planet. Jaspreet’s dream is to manage to surpass his idol and to set a new world record for bendiness and flexibility. By the looks of the postures he can put, he’ll probably grab the title in no time.
What’s really strange, however, is the fact that the teenager somehow doesn’t feel pain or hurt whenever he’s twisting his body in such unbelievable proportions and poses.


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