A guy named Jack Daniels decided to name his own son Jim Beam!

Talk about being ironic!

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When Jack Daniels Leathers from Louisiana, US, was born, his parents decided to name him after the famous whiskey brand. According to the story they told Jack, his parents wanted to name their child something quirky just to annoy Jack’s grandpa and grandma. Since Jack’s father was drinking Jack Daniels that day, they thought it would be the perfect name for their newborn.

Nowadays the 32 year old Jack and his 23 year old wife Lydia have taken the very same approach towards their own son. According to a local news agency, Jack and Lydia called their son… Jim Beam! It’s not clear if they wanted to enrage Jack’s grandparents even more, but the couple certainly thought it was a good name for their baby boy. Furthermore, they’ve thought about other baby names as well. If their next kid turns out to be a boy, they’ll name him Evan Williams, and if it’s a girl they’ll name her Sherry.

And if that doesn’t sound wacky enough, the person who officiated Jack and Lydia’s wedding was allegedly named… Johnny Walker!

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