A Guy Suffered A Kidney Failure Thanks To Drinking Too Much Iced Tea

A man suffered kidney failure, because he reportedly drank too much iced tea.
Before you started looking at any brand of iced tea with fear for the rest of your life, read this guy’s full story.

An unnamed citizen of Arkansas, US, sought medical help after he started suffering from weakness, nausea and body aches. He was tested and examined and the medics found that he had inflamed and clogged his kidneys with oxalate. Oxalate is a nasty chemical, which is concentrated in some types of food such as rhubarb and spinach. However, as it turned out, the guy wasn’t eating tons of spinach every single day. He had suffered a kidney failure, because he had been drinking too much iced tea.

Dr. Umbar Ghaffar, who works in Little Rock at the University of Arkansas, told the press that the guy’s addiction to iced tea was “the only reasonable explanation” for his kidney failure, because he was reportedly drinking up to a whole gallon of the liquid every single day! Official reports state that every single day the guy was downing 16 cups of iced black tea, which is extremely high on oxalate. The amount of iced tea the man was downing is considered to be 10 times more the amount of iced tea an average American drinks on daily basis.

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Dr. Randy Luciano, who works at the Yale School of Medicine, is a kidney specialist. He claims that the guy’s addiction towards the popular drink was an extreme case. He also said that he would never advice people to quit drinking iced tea.

So before you write iced tea in your black list of no-noes, remember that it’s alright to drink it as long as you don’t go for 16 cups a day – every single day.

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