A Huge Monster Python Was Killed And Eaten In Indonesia After It Attacked A Man

Image Source: Twitter

A huge monster python was killed and eaten in a small Indonesian village after it attacked and tried to eat a man.

It was a regular day for the 37-years-old security guard Robert Nababan. On his way home he saw 2 pedestrians couldn’t cross the road, because of the giant (26 feet long) snake. A couple of minutes later he was in a deadly battle with the beast. It bit his arm and they wrestled for a while. The monster python bit his arm and coiled itself around him, so he couldn’t escape. After a couple of minutes of wrestling the beast almost tore off his arm. When a couple of other villagers saw what’s happening they decided to help him. A couple of minutes later they managed to defeat and kill the monster python.

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Image Source: Twitter

When they killed the snake, they took it to the one of the villagers backyard, chopped it and cooked it and threw a big party, which is the most reasonable revenge (The snake tried to eat one of the villagers, so they ate it).

After the deadly battle our hero was taken to the hospital where he still recovers. He don’t have a reasonable explanation why he attacked the python, but the most important is that he’s alive and well.


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