A Kidnapper Released A 9-year-old Boy Because The Kid Wouldn’t Stop Singing A Hezekiah Walker Gospel Song

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A 9 year old boy’s love for gospel music saved his life from a kidnapper earlier this March.

The 9 year old Willie Myrick was just outside his home in Atlanta, Georgia, when a kidnapper spotted him and managed to lure him with the promise of some cash. When he was close enough the man grabbed him and pulled him into his car. The boy ended up locked inside the kidnapper’s car. The criminal drove around with the boy while the latter sang Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker. The boy sang non-stop for nearly 3 hours. The kidnapped yelled and cursed at Willie, telling him to shut up, but the kid kept on singing. After the kidnapped couldn’t take it anymore, he kicked the kid out of the car and told him not to tell anyone.

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Fortunately, the boy walked away without any injuries. The police were able to do a sketch portrait of the unidentified kidnapper and are currently on the look for him.

Hezekiah Walker, the song’s performer, was so moved by the 9 year old kid’s act that he personally visited him and even made a clip for Willie.

Police are still looking for a clues to track down the perpetrator. Their advice is to teach your kids to stay away from people they don’t know and not to talk to strangers at all.

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