A Man Accused of Rape By Ex Has Been Cleared By Her Texts (She Did It Out Of Anger)

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It should go without saying that accusing another person of a crime that wasn’t technically committed is completely and totally wrong. False accusations can ruin a person’s life—period. There is no justification for making a false accusation against another person.

Connor Fitzgerald, a 19-year-old from South London, found himself in the unfortunate position of being accused of something he did not do. The young man was actually arrested and also held in a prison cell for quite a long time—three months—because a woman told police officers that he raped her.

He also lost his job as a BT engineer due to the allegations.

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Rapists obviously deserve to be in prison; however, Connor is actually an innocent man. All charges against him have been dropped. Thanks to Connor’s family’s efforts, text messages between Connor and the woman who claimed to be raped by him were made public, and that’s the reason that the charges were dropped.

It was Connor’s brother who ended up being the hero in this situation. He’s the one that found the texts, and Connor is clearly grateful to his sibling. He could have spent 12 years or more in prison.

The woman who accused Connor of rape has now admitted that she did all that she did out of anger; the two had split up, and Connor had found a new girlfriend. She sent him texts—threatening to “ruin” him.

She actually told local media that she wanted to “ruin” Connor’s life due to anger, as she simply could not believe that—after being with her—he had moved on so quickly with someone else.

During her admission that she sent the texts that ultimately absolved Connor, she said that she didn’t realize that the texts would be used “as evidence to clear him”.

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The woman who accused Connor, who can’t be named for legal reasons, said that the situation has “caused her grief”. For reasons that are really quite clear, the woman has not heard from her ex since the case against him was dropped.

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Texts from the woman to Connor—the ones that helped clear the young man—read “See you in court” as well as if I can’t have you “no one can”.

The young woman in this case even sent a message to one of her friends, saying that she was not just going to mess up Connor’s life, but instead was going to “ruin it”.

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It is perfectly obvious why Connor was cleared by the messages exchanged.

According to Connor, the ex in this case also apparently threated Connor’s life—and the life of his new partner. He said she messaged him insane things, such as: “what about our family?” She later, according to him, claimed that she would get Connor “nicked”.

Screenshots from Connor’s phone clearly indicated that the jilted ex-girlfriend enjoyed sleeping with Connor.

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Understandably, Connor claims that the accusations made by his ex-paramour have ruined his life. He actually plans to sue the police. According to him, he is afraid to leave his house because everyone thinks he is a rapist.

Unfortunately, cases like Connor’s are not terribly uncommon. Consider the case of Liam Allen, who is 22 years of age and a student. He too was wrongly accused of rape—charged with six counts of rape as well as sexual assault. Phone records resulted in his trial collapsing.

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A text message in that case clearly stated that anything that went on between Liam Allen and the person who got him in trouble with the law was entirely consensual.

Liam was actually facing up to 20 years in jail for a crime that he clearly did not commit.
Obviously, and we don’t really need to say this, rape is a very serious crime and needs to be reported whenever it occurs. However, false accusations of rape are a genuine problem and can ruin lives. While it is difficult to determine just how many accusations are false, it is generally believed by experts that between two and 10 percent of rape accusations are false.

Making false accusations of rape is also a crime in many countries. For example, in the United Kingdom, one who makes a false accusation may be charged with wasting police time or even the criminal charge known as “perverting the course of justice”.

The latter charge might result in a lifetime in prison.

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