A Man Allegedly Raped A Teen While She Was Dying From An Overdose And Sent Pictures To His Friends

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Brian Roberto Varela, a 19-year-old man from Washington state, allegedly raped a teen girl despite the fact she was dying after overdosing due to drugs. He took pictures of her body while she was unconscious and thought it was a good idea to send those pictures to his buddies to brag. The police reports states that she had no vital signs—but instead of trying to help, Varela simply left her and went to work.

According to the report, Varela was arrested on Thursday in Lynnwood, Washington, following a call by some of his colleagues at Dairy Queen; they had become very suspicious as a result of his strange behavior. He proudly told them what happened the night before. After reading a post from the victim’s mother on Facebook about her missing daughter, they did not hesitate to notify the authorities.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s Department in Snohomish County raided Varela’s Martha Lake mobile home early on Tuesday morning where they found Alyssa Mae Noceda’s body in a plastic bin. According to her mother’s Facebook post, the 18-year-old girl was seen for the last time before she went to the mobile home park on Saturday to party.

Varela explained that he met Noceda a few years ago and communicated mainly via Snapchat. He added that the girl had recently ended her relationship with her boyfriend, and she decided to come to his place for a party.

The police report says that Varela was known to distribute and use different addictive substances such as marijuana, cocaine, acid, and Percocet pills.

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As witnesses and Varela himself told the police, Noceda snorted a big line of painkillers (or percs, which is the way to which they’re often referred), after which young man gave her some liquid THC. Noceda collapsed immediately, and she was soon unconscious.

Instead of calling for help as soon as possible, Varela raped the girl. His friends said that he later told them that he had no idea whether she was alive or dead when he ejaculated inside her.

He even took a few pictures of her naked body lying on the bed while she was still unconscious, with her lips turning blue. His friend Jayson Pepito said that Varela posted them in a group chat with his friends, saying that she was still breathing and that he was about to “smash” her just to pass the time. As Pepito said, his friend later boasted that the girl perished while having sex with him.

Eventually, Varela figured that the girl might still be alive, and he knew that she had to go to the hospital—but he told his friends that he was “too tired” to do it, and he simply went to sleep as if nothing had happened.

According to the police report, he found her dead the next morning and showed the body to his roommate and to another person. The roommate said that Noceda’s body was already stiff and she had foam on her lips. He and the other person told Varela to call the police after hearing the whole story.

Varela couldn’t care less—he simply locked his bedroom and left for work at Dairy Queen. The deputies asked him why he did not call them immediately after the young girl fell unconscious, and he explained that he was afraid of the law enforcement taking him into custody.


Varela’s colleagues told the police that he bragged about the party the previous night and also said that he had sex with Noceda. He acted strange during the work shift and kept saying that he needed to bury a body. A coworker said that later Varela revealed how he broke her legs in order to fit the body into a black plastic bin that he intended to fill with onions and bury somewhere. Upon hearing this, the coworker searched Facebook to find the post that Noceda’s mother posted about her daughter. The same coworker went to the Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday morning.

During Varela’s questioning by the authorities, he claimed that Noceda was not conscious during the intercourse, but it was consensual. After he was certain that she died, he made an attempt to clean all of his DNA from the girl’s body, after which he stuffed her inside the plastic bin, put a few rags on top, and went to sleep.

On Monday morning, he read Noceda’s mother post in Facebook and decided to use the deceased’s thumb in order to unlock the girl’s iPhone with the intention to upload a Snapchat post so it would appear that she simply decided to run away from home—something that Noceda has done on previous occasions. The police report also said that he later threw her phone in the woods near the Dairy Queen. The deputies were able to find it later and search through its contents.

Varela also admitted that he used his phone to search online for a way to dispose of the body. His arrest was on suspicion of manslaughter, murder by using controlled substances, and second-degree rape.

During the Wednesday hearing in Everett District Court, Varela was reported to be smirking and as deputy prosecutor Bob Hendrix stated the teen’s allegations suggest that he demonstrates a total disregard for the value of human life.

Prior to Varela’s arrest, the deputies spoke to his mother, who stated that she had kicked him out of their home because of his drug-related lifestyle.

Snohomish County is among the thousands of others that suffer from a rapidly increasing opioid epidemic. The county is home of about 10 percent of the population of Washington, but it still accounts for approximately 18% of all deaths due to overdose. The number of people who lost their lives from overdosing with some kind of a substance is 60% bigger than the number of those killed in automobile accidents.

Noceda’s heartbroken mother—Gina Pierson—posted numerous Facebook tributes to her daughter, where people commented about how bright and mentally strong she was. One of her classmates posted a comment, saying that she met Noceda in middle school and was stunned when she confronted some bullies to protect her. The girl added that her personality was very generous and outgoing, with a nice attitude.


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