A Man Broke Out Of Prison By Mailing Himself In A Crate And Evaded Capture By Convincing The Police He Was A Jogger

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Richard Lee McNair, a prisoner with multiple sentences for murder, attempted murder and burglary managed to outwit the prison staff and the police by escaping from prison after burying himself in the prison mail crate.

This prison escape was the third one for McNair ever since he was incarcerated for life back in 1987 in a federal maximum security prison in Pollock, Louisiana. While serving his sentence he worked in the prison’s manufacturing area for a couple of months repairing torn and old mailing bags.

On April 5, 2006 he managed to escape by mailing himself in a special self-constructed pod. After getting into the pod one hour and 15 minutes later he was successfully mailed outside the prison in a nearby warehouse. He was there by 11 o’clock and the prison guards would had been unaware by 4PM. His plan was to get to the nearest city and from there to steal clothes and a car.

Furthermore, not only did the prisoner managed to leave this maximum security prison unnoticed, but just a few hours later he was stopped by a local police officer and when asked for identification he actually managed to convince the cop that he was a worker sent to fix a roof in the town and that he had gone out jogging to relieve the stress from work. McNair was so successful in deceiving the policeman, even though the latter had already been informed of an escaped prisoner and of his profile just before the two met.

There were two main reasons why the policeman failed to identify the escaped prisoner. First he received an old photo of McNair and second he got a different physical description. This incident was caught by the camera mounted in the police car, and the video shows that McNair remains calm, jokes with the police officer and even gives him two different names when asked to identify himself. Still, the policeman simply let him go on with his “jogging”.


After managing to fool the police, McNair was finally captured by the Canadian police in 2007, while driving a stolen car. He is now serving his sentence in a super maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado.

There is a book about him called The Man Who Mailed Himself Out of Jail.

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