A Man Spent $50,000 To Transform Himself Into A ‘Genderless Alien’

Image Source: Caters News Agency

We have all seen some crazy plastic surgery transformations, but this truly is something else

A 22-year old man reportedly went through more than 110 procedures as a part of his plan to become “genderless”.
Vinny Ohh is from LA and if you ask him, he would tell you that he is neither a man, nor a woman—he wanted to express that inner sense. We guess he did, although he looks controversial to say the least.

His first attempt to change a body feature was five years ago, when he started using lip filler. A couple of nose corrections followed, as well as some cheek and brow bone filling. He wears black contact lenses, fake alien-style nails, and he often paints his hair in various bright colors.

Image Source: Caters News Agency

All he has done so far does not seem to be enough for him, so he is planning to pay ~$160,000 more in order to remove his genitals, nipples, and even his belly button.

He describes his desired end result as an alien-looking creature without a certain sex— something like a hybrid. He has spoken about his desire with many doctors, but has not had any luck so far.

Vinny says that he is often asked how he feels, and he responds mostly that currently he feels like a self-obsessed extraterrestrial being.

The feel of an outsider pushed him to start experimenting with cosmetic procedures in the first place. He lately became a LGBTQ activist. LGBTQ stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer”; he now thinks that his new look completely represents his opinion that no man or woman should be labeled in any way because they not fit into any of those categories. He would like to think of himself as an inspirational figure of some sort.

When walking in public locations, he immediately draws all of the attention because of his unusual features and his style of clothing.

Vinny says that he absolutely needs his black contact lenses and wears them anywhere he goes, because he likes how they make his eyes look bigger than they actually are. Some folks may find his look slightly frightening, but he is happy with the way they make him stand out. When it comes to make-up, he is always up for a challenge or an experiment, but he strives to keep it sexless in order for it to blend with the general vision he is striving to achieve.

He admits that people are often divided by his looks. Some people adore and encourage him for his extraordinary and unusual looks, and others tend to abuse him—in some cases, they hurt him physically.

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Image Source: Caters News Agency

The make-up artist says that the fact he looks unreal is what others love about him the most, and he often gets compliments about how well he manages to transform himself. He is happy that there are people who see in him as the inspirational figure needed for every kid that feels misplaced and without a group in which he or she can fit in.

He claims that there have been moments when he was sexually objectified by both men and women, and sometimes a random person with a shopping cart would hit him intentionally just because of the way he looks; many people simply can’t understand and accept that it is actually a good thing to show you are different. He is apparently used to being different because he has considered himself a “misfit” for a number of years. Even at the age of 16, he often went out with a tight suit and shoes with eight-inch thick platforms, so he can live with the fact that certain people will never accept the way he looks.

Vinny will most likely be featured on the new show called The Plastics Of Hollywood. The idea behind the production is to gather plastic surgery addicts in one place and use their different talents and skills.

The young man added that one of his goals was to change what people think about living human dolls. He wants all members of the modern society to wake up and see that gender doesn’t matter in today’s world and we are first and foremost human beings.

Image Source: Caters News Agency

The TV show will be released in America first and will feature assistants from a talent agency that will try and assist all of the participants in using their other skills and knowledge to become famous. The presenter and producer Marcela Iglesias said that Vinny is part of a new generation that wants to look different; in 15 years, Iglesias said, more people will want to have the sort of look Vinny does.

She added that there are many other things that people do to their bodies—implant horns in order to achieve a lizard-look, or have full face tattoos done. Iglesias believes that everyone is free to express themselves. She wants to pioneer an agency that treats these people just like any other member of the society. She thinks that is very important for everyone to understand that weird individuals—the “freaks”, if you will—have to be accepted as just another category with normal everyday society.

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