A Man Tried To Kill Enormous Spider With Fire, But Burned His Apartment Instead

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Okay, so we all joke about burning down the house if we happen to encounter a huge spider in our home, right? Well, get ready for the story of a man actually doing it!

He just might be my spirit animal.

Most people rely on a shoe or a sandal to kill a spider. Maybe a rolled up newspaper or magazine. Some are amazing human beings who scoop them up lovingly and put them outside, trusting that the evil creatures won’t just invade their home again the first chance they get.

This guy went a little further. He took it to meme level. He literally became a true life meme when he did this.

I loathe spiders with a burning passion. They terrify like nothing else. I used to shake and tear up if I saw one anywhere close by. Arachnophobia at its most intense.

I have used many items and methods to kill spiders in my lifetime. Hairspray was a favorite when I was younger. Now I have a husband, so I just make him do it.

The man in our story today decided his preferred method of arachnid extermination would be a torch lighter.

Torch lighters are lighters where the flames are under more pressure and larger than regular cigarette lighters.

On January 7, 2017, residents were made to leave their homes after this killing went bad, fast.

He torched the spider, which caught on fire and ran over to the bed, setting the mattress ablaze.

Rob Pitt, Battalion Chief, said moderate damage occurred in the apartment complex, which is located in Redding, California.

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An employee of a resident in the apartment, Lyndsey Wisegarver, said that the man used a torch to kill a spider in an upstairs bedroom, causing the fire.

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Lyndsey added that it was a very large wolf spider. She also said that firemen arrived quickly and were able to put out the fire on the mattress pretty fast, but the flames had spread quickly to other items in the bedroom, including the curtains and the man’s flag collection.

The blaze quickly spread to the closet, but the firemen were successful in keeping it from going into other apartments.

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Residents of the apartment building attempted to help put the fire out before the fire department arrived by using a water hose, but it didn’t work. It also caused over $10,000 in damages.

Luckily, nobody was hurt, and all of the residents were able to get out safely. The blaze was contained and put out in well under half an hour.

Even though the fire was put out relatively quickly, Wisegarver and the two men must find another home. The apartment is now unlivable.

According to science, the more afraid you are of spiders, the more you will notice them. Apparently we are wired to be cognizant of things that we view as threats. Other research says our eyes find what we deem important personally.

Arachnophobia is a psychiatric condition that is debilitating for some people. Mine has lessened over the years, but I still don’t like spiders at all.

It is described as the irrational fear of arachnids.

It’s so prevalent that many movies have been made, many articles written and documentaries shot on the subject.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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