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A Man Was So Devastated After Divorcing His Wife, So He Let His Black Mamba Bite Him To Death

Suicides are rapidly growing in our crazy world. People often decide to take their own lifes, because of various reasons and it seems that relationship failures are among the most common ones. And this is the story of Arslan Valeev, a pro snake handler, who decided to take his own life online in a live video, because his wife left him. And he did it in a very disturbing way – by letting his own black mamba bite him.

So who was he?

Arslan Valeev was an ordinary 31 years old Russian guy who was located in St. Pittsburgh. He was happily married to Ekaterina Pyatyzhkina, who was and still is a professional snake handler too.

Why he did it?

Internet is full of rumors about their divorce and the reasons that made the guy took his own life in such a sad way. The most popular of them says, that Ekaterina was not faithful to her husband and got into a lot of affairs. Valeev couldn’t handle this and got extremely violent and even physically confronted her. So she decided to break up with him and end their marriage, and of course we should mention the fact that she had a serious affair with another guy at that time.

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Valeev was so depressed by the end of his marriage, that he decided to end his life. The poor guy even live streamed the whole process. What Arslan did was to take one of his pet snakes, a black mamba, in his hands. He wasn’t using any protection gloves and made the animal bite his finger. Valeev even showed the marks of the bite to his viewers and called them beautiful. His viewers clearly saw how the color of Valeev’s face changed as the venom started to poison his body. He was talking the whole time and informed the viewers that he lost any sensation of his limbs.

Basically, he did all this because he wanted his wife to see it. In an act of despair, Arslan even asked his viewers to call Ekaterina and gave her phone number. The viewers actually called the police, but until the police officers arrived at his place, he was already dead. Some of his friends claim that Valeev understood what he did and tried running out of his room to save himself, but didn’t succeed.

May he rest in peace.

Written by Sven Miller

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