A Married Teacher From Alabama Arrested For Having An Intimate Relationship With A Student

Image Source: Calhoun County Jail

A 28-year-old high school teacher from Alabama—who is also married and the mother of a child—has been accused of having an intimate relationship with a 17-year-old male student. As a result, she was arrested on Thursday and has been charged.

Local media reported the news of her arrest.

Pruett has a 4-year-old son. She married her husband in 2012.

The teacher who allegedly engaged in the intimate relationship with a student is named Stephanie Henry Pruett, and she taught at Weaver High School, which is about 70 miles east of Birmingham. According to reports, the woman taught history to sophomores and juniors. She apparently also taught a class about the Bible as literature.

According to the Calhoun County sheriff’s office, the relationship between the two purportedly began in October of last year.

The situation was investigated—both the teacher and student were interviewed—and there was apparently enough information gathered to be able to arrest the teacher.

Image Source: Stephanie Pruett / Facebook

The alleged relationship between the teacher and student is believed to have lasted five months.

As a result of the investigation, Pruett ended up detained and imprisoned at the Calhoun County Jail.

Image Source: Stephanie Pruett / Facebook

If she is convicted of the crime with which she has been charged, Pruett may spend up to 20 years in prison. The crime is a felony according to the law of the state of Alabama. The woman would also be required to register herself as an offender.

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Image Source: Stephanie Pruett / Facebook

Pruett, who is a resident of Jacksonville, Alabama, is now on leave with pay. Eventually, a formal hearing will determine if Pruett has any sort of future with the institution.

She is a graduate of Jacksonville State University and graduated in 2012. She would later go on to receive her Master’s Degree from that University.

She also taught at Oxford High School, which is located in Oxford, Alabama. In addition, she taught at the university from which she graduated. During her time there, she was an academic mentor for the athletic department.

Matthew Wade, the sheriff of the county, said that it is sad that a woman who studied to become an educator and also had a family would give up everything she had. He added that he does not understand why Pruett would go down such a path, calling her decision to do so “troubling” as well as “disturbing”.

Wade said that her actions will likely ruin both her marriage and her career.

According to area media, two students reported Pruett to local law enforcement authorities.

The sheriff has said that it does not matter if the alleged intimate relationship was consensual; the fact remains that such a relationship is illegal according to the law.

Pruett was apparently in her first year of teaching at Weaver High School; back in January, she was featured in the Anniston Star regarding an effort revolving around bringing the Bible back into Alabama’s public schools.

The course about the Bible being literature was apparently an elective class; according to the newspaper, the Fall semester of the class focused on the Bible’s Old Testament.

It has been reported, and data has shown, that intimate relations and intercourse between female teachers and male students is on the rise.

For example, we recently reported on the case of former student teacher in Beacon Falls, Connecticut; Tayler Boncal was accused of intercourse with a student at the high school where she was a student teacher. The male student was allegedly 18 years of age at the time of reported encounter—and therefore of age—which makes the situation a little more complicated legally. She had also completed her student teaching at the high school when the alleged relationship began—but she was still employed by the school district as an assistant track coach.

The victim is not a member of the track team, and he reportedly asked the former student teacher for her phone number.
Both Boncal and the male student eventually admitted to exchanging texts last December and then engaging in intercourse several times during late December and the middle of January. According to the victim, who initially denied the intimate relationship, most of their communication was done using Facebook messenger.

Boncal is no longer employed by the school district.

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