A mother called half of the guests at her daughter’s wedding and LIED that the wedding had been called off


Mother-in-law is often referred to Monster-in-law, because don’t respect their “children” enough and tend to be always right. A monster-in-law will often ignore a child showing that he/she doesn’t really matters to her. The worst part is that she’s not going to respect one’s words, thought and personal space.

Please keep in mind that we refer the above definition about Mothers-in-law only for the toxic and abusive ones. There are also really nice Mothers-in-law that DO listen and respect their kids.

When you think of the worst mother-in-law, you probably make an association with Jennifer Lopez’s movie Monster-In-Law. In order to see if the movie’s screenwriters have actually created the worst mother-in-law, a radio decided to conduct a contest for the world’s very worst mother-in-law.

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An unnamed man won the contest after telling his unbelievable story. The day before the man’s wedding the bride’s mother called half of the wedding guests – actually the ones on the bride’s side of the list. She told them the wedding had been called off, because the engaged couple had broken off the engagement. She even added that the man was about to go to prison.

In the end only the groom’s relatives attended the wedding. His mother-in-law told the bride that none of her relatives or friends have attended the happiest day of her life, because none of them had approved of her relationship with the man.

Talk about a Monster-in-law!

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