A Mother Is ‘Proud Of Herself’ For Avoiding Jail After Beating Daughter

Image Source: Lorien Kate/Facebook

A woman has bragged about how she managed to avoid jail time despite the fact she beat her daughter—who was only eight-months-old at the time. She did so via text messages.

Last year in September, the Adelaide, Australia resident named Lorien Norman was given a suspended jail sentence; she was also fined 500 dollars by district court judge

Image Source: Lorien Kate/Facebook

The woman had pled guilty to abusing her baby daughter Evie. She did so with a kitchen serving spoon, which left the baby with bruises on her cheeks, nose, and eyes. As a result, the baby needed to be hospitalized.

While the maximum offense for such a sentence could have been 13 years of incarceration, Lorien actually managed to just receive just a small fine and a two-year bond. She will be supervised by a correction’s officer, and she will be required to attend counseling. She will not be allowed to possess a firearm.

Shane McMahon, who is Evie’s father and Lorien’s former partner, stated that Lorien actually sent texts to him—in which she commented about getting away with what she did.

The messages from Lorien allegedly asked what Shane’s next moves are—after she bragged about not going to jail.

She said that she would send Shane family photos of herself, Evie, her sister, her partner, and her nephew—and also Indi. Shane had another child with Lorien named India.

Lorien allegedly added that she made it—despite everyone on social media being against her. She claimed she would get partial custody within a year.

At first, Lorien claimed that Evie ended up with her injuries as a result of falling in a playground. She would later plead guilty to aggravated assault that caused harm.

Shane McMahon was understandably speechless when he heard about the sentence. He said he was disgusted, wondering where Evie’s justice was. He raised both of his girls, he said, single-handedly.

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He believes it could be years before his daughter is able to overcome possible long-term issues and metal scars. He says that she has not been cleared; it is too early in his daughter’s life to determine exactly what sort of mental repercussions might exist.

Shane said that his daughter will likely need mental rehabilitation in the future. According to him, his daughter does not like anything near her face. His other daughter has a soft ball, and if it goes anywhere near Evie’s face, Evie cowers. According to him, the little girl knows what she has been through.

While Evie is apparently afraid of having anything too near her face, Shane says that his little girl is otherwise back to normal. According to him, she has been given the “all clear” by her pediatricians. There hasn’t been any long-term impact to her bones as far as they can tell.

Shane said she was once a shy and timid child, but she has come into her own. He describes her as a “cheeky little monkey” and calls her a beautiful girl.

Lorien may have received her sentence, but Shane is still trying to change the law to protect other children like his daughter.

Unfortunately, Shane may be correct in regard to worrying about his daughter; while there are the physical effects—and those are certainly serious—child abuse is also associated with certain developmental problems. There could be psychological and physical effects as well, such as a shortened lifespan and risky health behaviors. High blood pressure, allergies, asthma, and ulcers are more common. They may even be at a higher risk of developing cancer as adults.

Furthermore, children who are mistreated may be more likely to grow up mistreat their children.

The causes of child abuse are certainly complex, and it occurs around the world. It is known that poverty and substance abuse may make a person more likely to abuse a child.

It is hard to know exactly how many children are victims of child abuse each year, as cases of child abuse frequently go unreported. Furthermore, laws vary from country to country in regard to what is considered mistreatment of a child. According to some international studies, it is possible that one quarter of adults experienced a form of physical abuse as a child.

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