A mother of two donated her kidney to her boss and then was fired because it took too long to recover

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Debbie Stevens, a mother of two donated her kidney to her boss Jackie Brucia. A few days after the surgery she claimed she was fired.

She met Jackie while working at Atlantic Automotive Group in New York. After two years working as a clerk Debbie left the company and went to Florida. A few months later when she came back for a visit she met Jackie and found out about her health problems. Debbie offered to donate her kidney, because she was kind and generous woman, and Jackie denied (just at first).

After living a couple of months in Florida she decided to come back and asked for her old job. Having in mind the kidney offer her boss took her back real quick. After a couple of months working her boss approached her and asked if she is still ready to donate her kidney, because her donor was denied. Of course Debbie helped her, because she is a generous person and could just let her die.

In August 2011, although she was not a compatible donor, Debbie donated her kidney to a transplant group where Jackie was allowed to take the needed one. This surgery brought Stevens digestive problems and legs pain.

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Few days later Debbie was pressured to come back to work and was told that the other people were going to think she was treated in a special way. She was fired immediately, because of being unable to go back to work. She made plans to stay on this job until retirement.

The betrayed woman turned to New York Human Rights Commission by filling a complaint claiming that her boss only sought benefit from her and then fired her. To these allegations 61-year-old Jackie responded that it’s not truth and she will always be grateful to Debbie, because she did a wonderful lifesaving thing. She also stated that Debbie was fired, because it took her too long to recover.

Lenard Leeds, Stevens’ lawyer claimed he will sue the company for discrimination. According to him she could get millions of dollars in compensation.

Debbie Stevens’ claims are groundless according to her former employers. Robert Milman, the lawyer of Atlantic Auto said that the company acted fairly at every turn. He added that they expect the case to be resolved quick and easy.

Debbie Stevens wants her kidney back, but there would be at least 4 surgeries for this to happen. Feeling betrayed she took this decision and explained that this was very hurtful experience for her.

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