A Prankster Called ‘The Wright Stuff’ To Tell Them That His Ex ‘Sharon Goodman Is A B****’ Twice

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There is no shortage of bitter exes to go around, that’s for sure. We are always hearing stories of the horrible things some people do to get revenge on their ex, or just to get under their skin.

Sometimes there is physical violence, and other times, people might stalk their ex. These are both dangerous situations. Most of the time, there are less scary things happening when an ex just won’t let go and are insisting on making life miserable for the one they blame for their broken heart.

This is an example of one of those exes. He got through to a live call on a morning television show, not once, but twice, to berate his ex wife.

The show is The Wright Stuff, hosted by Matthew Wright, and he is chagrined by this happening on his show.

The offender got through to the show and shouted out that his ex, Sharon Goodman, was a b word. Of course, he said the actual word.

This verbal abuse is thought to be from an ex husband who knows his ex, Sharon, tunes into the show.

The live panel had the lines open to take calls during a debate about smacking kids. The man got past the screeners to yell his filth on the show.

He first got through using the name Gary, claiming to be from Bedfordshire. He feigned interest in being a part of the discussion at first.

He sided with not smacking kids citing that he grew up being hit in the 70s and 80s.

He then pointed out that he was exercising the freedom of speech supported by Wright and shouted out that Sharon Goodman is a, well, we know already what he said.

Matthew quickly realized what was happening and spoke loudly over the offensive man while taking the next call quickly.

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He spoke directly to the viewers, apologizing for the bad language and abuse. He said this was a man using a false name and calling him a regular abuser.

He then moved on to the next caller, a man named Tom from Buckinghamshire.

Wright said that he would like to smack certain people, to include the caller before, but went on to ask Tom what his thoughts were on smacking kids.

They soon figured out that it was the same man, using a different accent and disguising his voice. Wright asks him what went wrong with his upbringing, to which he said it was that b, Sharon Goodman!

After apologizing once more, he lamented that they had to put an end to this, so they wouldn’t be removed from the airwaves.

The video made it online, of course, and it has been shared over 12,000 times so far. There are some theories about the petty caller.

On Twitter, one tweeter said the man’s ex must watch the show every day, so he knows it’s the perfect way to call her names and attempt to humiliate her on live tv.

No matter how clever it is to use a call in show this way, it’s not fair to the host or to the viewers to be subjected to somebody’s personal drama that is nobody’s business.

The show gives common people the chance to speak on topics that affect them every day. There are also guests on the show, such as celebrities and members of the media.

The Wright Stuff has received nominations for Best Daytime Program from The National TV Awards and Royal TV Society.

Matthew Wright was born on July 8th, 1965 in Richmond upon Thames, Surrey. He is a television personality and former tabloid journalist. He wrote for The Sun and was a gossip columnist at The Daily Mirror. In 2000, he got his start in TV when he began hosting The Wright Stuff, which airs on Channel 5 from 9:15 am to 11:15 am on weekday mornings.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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