A Spoiled New Jersey Teen Sued Her Parents For Not Paying Her College Tuition

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Dreadful family feuds were never exactly this wrong in the past but now an 18-year-old teenage girl named Rachel Canning is suing her parents for child support money. The drastic decision to pursue a lawsuit came after Rachel’s 18th birthday when she was allegedly kicked out of her home in Morristown, New Jersey by her very own parents. Rachel claims she was not only forced out but her financial support was entirely cut off.

Since Rachel became 18 recently and independent according to law, she is now suing her parents and demanding not to be emancipated. The spoiled teen wants her mom and dad to pay for her future tuition fees in college and her current expenses for her education at a private high school. According to Rachel’s parents she is a “rebellious teen” who refused to follow simple house rules and bullied her younger sister. Rachel also had a relationship with a boyfriend who had a very bad influence on her and she refused to break up with him.

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Luckily the judge in New Jersey ruled against the spoiled teenager since he didn’t want to create a dangerous precedent where teens sue parents for anything they want.

Editor’s note:

Thanks to the judge everything was fine, but can you imagine if most the teenagers start suing their parents over something like that?

Well, since I am a parent I can say only one thing. This is wrong on so many levels, because raising a child is something that is not easy at all. If you raise and pay everything for your child until he/she turns 18 that’s 18 years you are giving your best to have all the things he/she needs, including money.

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