A Student Googled How To Kill Himself Before Sending His Girlfriend Goodbye Message And Committing Suicide

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Facing the possibility of homelessness just before the Christmas holiday, Connel Arthur was understandably upset. Unfortunately, his less-than-ideal situation caused the young man to take his own life.

Shortly before he ended his life, Connel did an internet search; according to his bereaved mother he looked up ways to kill himself.

He sent a message to his girlfriend to say “goodbye” just before ending his life.
The mother, Nathalie Arthur, is none too pleased with the sort of internet sites out there that allow people access to the sort of information that assists those contemplating suicide.

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Connel was only 21 at the time of his death, which occurred on the 19th of December. He also happened to be a student at Glasgow University.

His family described the young man as an outdoorsman and talented guitar player. According to them, he had not demonstrated any signs of depression. Chances are, he wasn’t mentally ill, just worried about his future.

His mother—who works at a supermarket in Bannockburn—said that the young man, who was living in Iceland at the time of his death, was extremely concerned about the possibility of not having any place to live in the country. She admits that she had an “inkling” that something just wasn’t right, so she reached out to her son to find out if he was alright. She sadly believes he wasn’t able to be reached at that point—he had made up his mind about what he intended to do.

Connel had moved to Iceland in pursuit of a Master’s Degree. According to his mom, he had made a lot of friends and had also acquired a “job working behind the bar”. Things seemed to be going well for him. She had plans to visit her son on the New Year holiday, and the vacation was already booked. Connel messaged his mom on the day of his death, but likely never saw her replies.

Image Source: Connel Arthur/Facebook

The family traveled to Iceland to recover Connel’s body, and that’s when they learned about his unfortunate search history on the internet. The suicide websites he visited were clearly indicative of the fact Connel intended to take his own life.

Nathalie is disturbed by the amount of information out there regarding taking one’s own life, and understandably so. When she went to claim her son’s body, she figured his choice was one of those spur of the moment things. Clearly, that was not the case.

She went on to point out that there was a lot of fuss made about websites that promote eating disorders a few years back, but no one has addressed the websites that seem to promote suicide.


In her mind, that information should not be accessible. She’s speaking out after her son’s death because she’s legitimately concerned about suicide and mental health, especially in regard to young men in their 20’s and 30’s.

Image Source: Connel Arthur/Facebook

Her suggestion to other mothers: talk to your kids. Encourage them to talk to their friends. Make sure that your children are okay over a cup of coffee—or send a text. Doing so, she says, will buy “precious time”.

The family’s chaplain told Nathalie that Connel might have contemplated ending his own life on several occasions prior to his death—and a simple gesture like a phone call might have stopped him from doing the unthinkable.
Connel’s mother is truly baffled. According to her, he didn’t show any signs of being depressed. On the surface, he seemed to love life.

Connel’s family is now raising money for various mental health charities via GoFundMe. There will be a memorial service on January 27 at the chapel at Glasgow University, and it will be live streamed to the friends Connel made in Iceland.

It really is worth pointing out yet again that suicide is a very serious issue. In fact, it is the leading cause of death for people between the ages of 20 and 34 in the United Kingdom. Men actually kill themselves at three times the rate of women.

Parents, please talk to your sons. They try to be strong, and it isn’t considered manly to share your emotions.

The young men may be going through their own personal Hell, however, and a quick phone call or just a simple hug may end up saving their lives.

Feel free to visit the Go Fund Me page.

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