A Subway Worker Was Caught Drying Her Socks In The Bread Oven At Work

In 2014 a young woman who works as a sandwich artist in a Subway restaurant in Worcester decided to use the oven where the sandwich bread is baked to dry up her wet socks and gloves. This came to light after the worker made the decision to take a photo of the oven containing the wet socks and share it with the world.

The actual post:

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Alice Sykes, 25, posted a photo on her Instagram and Twitter pages of purple socks alongside dark gloves resting on the metal grills of a Subway oven, with the caption that she’s drying her wet socks and gloves in the oven where the sandwiches get cooked. It is understandable how one would be excited about finding an unconventional way to prevent having to work with wet socks. Even more understandable that a young person would use an opportunity to hashtag current events and gather more attention towards themselves and their perceived humorous idea. Well, one customer did not share Miss Sykes excitement and apparently took into consideration the unhygienic aspect of such an act.

Written by Patrick Bennet

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