A Subway Worker Was Caught Drying Her Socks In The Bread Oven At Work

Jessica Hinton, 29, is one of the many that saw the posts, and keeping in mind that she visits the Subway in Worchester’s St’ John regularly with her son, she got pretty upset. The woman, who works as an office cleaner, came across the photo online and decided to make a complaint. She did not receive a response the entire day and it was only when she threatened to report the issue to the local newspaper if someone doesn’t respond. And well, she finally got a response. She was offered vouchers which she refused, because she had no intention to continue eating there.

The apology:

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Later she received private message on Facebook from Miss Sykes who wanted to Apologize to her and tried to justify her wrong doings. The Subway worker explained that she had just come to work with soaking wet feet and that her boss “didn’t think it would be fair that she would have wet feet for the entire nine-hour shift’. She then went on to say that it was a “one off thing” and was insistent that the oven was thoroughly cleaned afterwards.

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Miss Hinton did not buy the apology as the photo of the sock was not taken down from the Subway employee’s Instagram page. The dissatisfied customer decided to go to the restaurant and to speak with the manager in person. She was told that the Miss Sykes was made to apologize and was going to lose her job if she had not complied. As means of apology the client was offered her two free 6-inch sandwiches and an opportunity to work for them on Sundays. The revised offer was once again turned down.

Andrea Fleck, who is a Subway development agent in Worcestershire investigated the circumstances surrounding the events that happened in the Subway franchisee commented that Subway “takes food and product safety extremely seriously”.

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Editor’s note: In the original article it’s not clear if she was fired or not, but in order to keep the good name of the brand she was most likely fired.

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