A Teen’s, Dying From Terminal Cancer, Wish To Marry His High School Crush Comes True

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On Sunday, January 28th, a dying teen’s wish will come true. He will marry the love of his short life. He has wanted to make his high school sweetheart his wife for some time, but his illness has sped things along.

After battling synovial sarcoma since before he was 18, Dustin Snyder, who is now 19, wants to marry girlfriend, Sierra Siverio.

Synovial sarcoma is a rare cancer of the soft tissues, normally involving the extremities, near the joints of the arms and legs.

After the first diagnosis and subsequent treatment with chemotherapy and surgery, he was cancer free. They removed a lung and he was in remission one day before he turned 18.

Not long ago, Dustin started having pain and his worst fear was realized. The cancer had returned and this time the only option would be surgical removal, and it’s just not possible. The cancer returned in his stomach and pelvis region.

His mom, Cassandra Fondahn, says it has been a hard road for the teen and his family. He has just been doing all the living he can while he still has the time.

He was told that he has just weeks to live. Sierra has been there for Dustin, day after day, and they will be married in Plant City at Big Red Barn, surrounded by family and friends.

The teenage couple’s community out have gone all out to ensure this is a dream wedding for the pair. Everything from the rings to the venue and gown have been donated by their neighbors in town.

Bridesmaids gowns and drinks are being taken care of by Lifepath Hospice and a GodFundMe Page is active and had raised nearly $20,000 by Saturday.

Image Source: Brittany Hails

Sierra says that this marriage means so much to her, and vows to be with him until the very last second of his life and that she’s excited to do so. She also says they will always be together, in their hearts, no matter what.

Dustin said in an interview that he can’t imagine being with anyone else, because Sierra has been with him all along. He said she means everything to him and he can’t even put into words how much he loves her.

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Image Source: Brittany Hails

They met in sixth grade for the first time and dated back then, but then they lost contact over the years, only reuniting once they were in their senior year in high school.

The rest is history. They have been inseparable ever since and Sierra has never left his side, in sickness and in health.

Image Source: Brittany Hails

Dustin’s sister, Brittany, started the fundraiser and says her brother is excited to wed the girl who has been by him and helped him through sleepless nights and still wants to stay knowing he could die any day.

So many people are sending well wishes and lots of love to this sweet couple. I hope they have a great marriage for as long as possible. Happy wedding day to Dustin and Sierra.

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Written by Amanda Johnson

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