A Woman From The UK Decided To Abandon Her Kids In Order To Marry A Guy From A Security Prison In Texas

“Mamma, I’m in love with a criminal”, as Britney Spears once said. This story, however, isn’t fictional.

When Jennifer Butler first met Christopher Mosier back in 2011 she knew he was a dangerous guy. She found came across Christopher on a website called and was instantly overtaken by his honesty and his regret for his previous actions.

In 2009 Christopher was charged with burglary with deadly conduct and got sentenced to 15 years behind bars. He also has some drug-related convictions on his record. Also her future husband stated in his profile that he was a member of armed gang. Jennifer was attracted by his honesty. She fell in love with him big time. Nevertheless, none of this stopped Jennifer from falling in love with him to a point of madness.

Mother of three

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She said that she felt sorry for him and she just wanted to make him feel better, because he was only talking to other prisoners. She felt they were connected and he is a good person deep inside. According to Jennifer she felt her real love when Christopher stopped writing her for a month, because the prison was locked down. She was so much crazy about him and made her kids send him letters. After the month of silence he started receiving letters from her kids with hand made drawings of the cell.

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