A Woman From The UK Decided To Abandon Her Kids In Order To Marry A Guy From A Security Prison In Texas

First meeting

Jennifer saved money from her regular job and traveled all they way to Texas just to meet him, but unfortunately their first visit was not possible, because he was recently involved in a fight and had all his visits canceled. This didn’t stopped the mother of 3 and they managed somehow to see each other. A little while after their first meeting he proposed to her and of course she said “YES”. She decided to move to the States.

All this made her family worry about her and her safety. According to her she didn’t really left her kids behind. She stated that she would take them with her in the states as soon as everything is set and ready. She was just leaving them for a little while until everything is completely set.

The 29 year old British mother of three decided to leave behind her young kids (all three of them are aged under 10) for a while in order to travel to Texas to marry the 23 year old Christopher and set up a life in the States. She was 100% sure that despite his crimes Christopher had changed and he would be a good stepdad for her kids (if they ever move to the states).

She even encouraged her kids to write to him in order to prepare them for their future step-daddy.

H/T – DailyMail

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