A Woman Hired Up A Model To Test Her Boyfriend And It Ended Up In Disaster

Image Source: To Catch a Cheater/Youtube

You have to admit that the idea of a loyalty test on your partner has crossed your mind at least once, even if he or she has never given you a reason to doubt him/her.

However, sometimes you just have the weird feeling that your partner is not exactly being honest with you; as a result, you immediately turn into an investigator. You begin to notice things, like quiet conversations or the quick grabbing of a phone as soon as it rings. The trip to the gym without the appropriate gear begins to raise suspicions.

And there are a ton of other potential situations that might just keep you wondering.

Some people apparently push things a little bit too far in their search for the truth, no matter how ugly that truth might be. Would you do something to test your partner, like hiring a beautiful actress to determine if your boyfriend would resist such a temptation?

Well, one woman decided to give it a go, and the end result was devastating for their relationship; also, the whole thing was captured on video in order for it to be featured in a web series.

The video below contains the turn of events in the experiment:

If you have reached a point at which you feel the need to lure your boyfriend with a gorgeous lady to see if he takes the bait, your relationship must have issues—to say the least.

But this woman seemed to have some faith left in her man, because she explained that they had been dating for about a year and his attitude towards her was fantastic. She added that he never forgot the little things that mattered to her, like putting her favorite Snickers bar by her bed. She stated that he was amazing and was really great as a boyfriend.

That girlfriend was apparently wrong, because things went downhill incredibly quickly once the little experiment began.

Image Source: To Catch A Cheater/YouTube

The unnamed boyfriend was going to have an encounter with a strikingly beautiful woman wearing a rather revealing jumpsuit—a true test of the man’s loyalty. And keep in mind that the whole thing was filmed from the very beginning for the girlfriend to see.

Sitting next to the mark, actress Jaymi Westra immediately started a conversation with him, complaining about her fictional Tinder date not showing up.

The two of them started flirting, and Jaymi complimented him, saying that the boyfriend resembled RnB performer Ray Jay.

The girlfriend immediately denied such resemblance existed.

The first serious red light flashed when Jaymi and the “hero of the story” exchanged phone numbers, and he even made a joke that maybe he was supposed to be her date—instead of the other guy who failed to show up.

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But this wasn’t the height of the drama; things were about to become worse.

Image Source: To Catch a Cheater/Youtube

Jaymi was magnificent in her role, and she started asking the boyfriend all sorts of questions about his private life, saying that he looked like he was popular and that’s why he probably had a girlfriend. Upon hearing her boyfriend’s reply, the girlfriend—who was watching the whole thing—was left speechless. It was a real slap in the face.

When Jaymi asked him, the boyfriend simply shook his head, clearly implying that he didn’t, and said that it was hard. Really hard.

After their flirty conversation, the Casanova-wannabe walked his new acquaintance to her vehicle. Before she drove off, he hugged her; meanwhile, his actual girlfriend was close to breathing fire.

Image Source: To Catch a Cheater/Youtube

Things did not end there, though; a series of intriguing texts followed. Eventually, Jaymi and the unfaithful boyfriend arranged a date—they planned a romantic dinner at a local pizzeria.

When they were already at the restaurant, he did not miss an opportunity to make a compliment about her smile. She fluttered her eyelashes, of course; it was nothing but a textbook move. What the boyfriend did not know was that his real girlfriend was there, too, and she had no interest in the food being served at the restaurant.

As she approached the table, it seemed like the tricked and probably ashamed man attempted to introduce the two women to each other, but his girlfriend simply splashed a glass of water directly into his face.

It is safe to assume that the two are no longer together.

Written by Nick Martin

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