A woman passed gases on a plane and tried to cover up the smell by lightning matches

Passenger planes aren’t forced to perform emergency landings quite often and usually the reason behind the grounded flights is serious. However, in this case it was rather ridiculous.

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On a flight from Washington to Dallas an unnamed female passenger had problems with her flatulence and she couldn’t restrain her gasses. In order to cover up the smell and the embarrassment, she started lighting up matches. It’s not clear if she knew that this is forbidden during an aircraft flight, but some of the other passengers alerted the crew members they could smell the burning. The airplane was grounded at Nashville, the passengers were evacuated and the luggage hold was cleared. Bomb-sniffing dogs were sent to investigate the grounded plane and they eventually found burnt matches underneath one of the seats. The woman had to admit the embarrassing truth and the flight carried on to Dallas without her.

An airplane spokeswoman told the media that the unnamed woman would be banned from the airline for a long period of time.

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