A Woman Pays for Two iPhones but Receives Apples


A woman from Australia made an online purchase of two iPhones but she received two apples instead of hi-tech mobile phones.

The woman searched the Gumtree website for two iPhones and found an ad posted by another woman. The two of them reached an agreement and met in Brisbane to make the deal. The buyer paid $1,336 and received two brand new iPhone boxes. Everything went really well. However, as she opened the boxes later, she was shocked to find out each box contained an apple and no mobile phone. We guess it was a real challenge to fit the apples in the boxes.
Of course, the way the buyer acted was too naive. We can hardly believe someone is able to give so much money without first checking what they receive in return. Buying used goods is always dangerous and you need to make sure they are in perfect condition before you pay.
The moral of the story: always check before you pay.


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