A Woman Received Warnings From Voices In Her Head About Being Sick And It Turned Out She Had A Brain Tumor

The mysterious cases of people “hearing voices” coming from somewhere inside their own conscious minds have intrigued scientists for decades. Today’s neuroscience has discovered through extensive research many instances in which such voices may appear. Most of them are very well connected to brain injuries, mental diseases or even tumors and not to supernatural or alien interference.

One of the weirdest cases of voice hallucinations was reported by the British Medical Journal in 1997. A woman only referred to as “A.B.”, who had been a full-time housewife since the 1960s, reported hearing strange voices in her head in 1984. The voices allegedly notified her that they wanted to help her and gave her very specific information about a hospital that the woman must go to.

At first “A.B” got really scared and believed she was going crazy so she sought professional help. After being diagnosed with a hallucinatory psychosis and given the adequate treatment for a couple of weeks, the woman stopped hearing the mysterious voices. Unfortunately, they resurfaced a couple of months later.

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This time the message was even clearer and more specific. The voices told the woman the exact wing of a hospital she had to go to. They also informed her about the potential threat of a brain tumor she had growing inside her brain stem. After hearing the voices over and over again, the woman decided that this was a clear sign that something was wrong.

Finally, after a lot of negotiating, the woman convinced the neurosurgeons to do a very expensive brain scan to confirm her bizarre suspicion of having a tumor without any medical justification whatsoever. In the end, the tumor was discovered almost at the location where the voices told her it would be. She submitted willingly to brain surgery and the tumor was removed. From that day on, the woman was completely cured and the voices never appeared in her head again.


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